Event Tech Spotlight: Delight

Company name: Delight
Founded: 22nd June 2015


Delight is a Ukraine-based, creative team that works with shadow theatre.

Shadow theatre Delight shows the highest class of skill to interact with shadows. The art of shadows is to give it grace, set the rhythm of the movement of performances – it’s all about the shadow theatre Delight. 

Movements of the team can speak more than a thousand words! Our shadows are flexible, alive, enigmatic, mysterious, sensual – this is a world in which performances of the shadow theatre Delight will take you. We will make you take you into a supernatural atmosphere.

Acrobatic teams, tracers, dancers and gymnasts create a variety of compositions, figures of animals, people and the history of human progress.

Delight has extensive experience in the show of the shadow theatre, and now has performances all over the world (Ukraine, Germany, China, Kuwait, France, Qatar, Portugal) and it is only the beginning of our creative take-off in a show of shadows.

Shadow theatre Delight comes up with new concepts to keep the audience in suspense the whole performance, causing him to feel a variety of emotions.

Type of events served:

  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Galas dinners
  • Team building
  • Weddings

Type of tech provided:

  • 3D shadow theatre

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