Event Tech Buyer’s Guide: Can data help you improve your events?


Your event day is finally here but your head is full of questions! Which parts of your event is proving to be the most popular? Do you know exactly what’s going? Are people behaving how you expected? How can you possibly keep an eye on all this?

Luckily, our Event Tech Buyer’s Guide can offer a solution to that headache! Turn to our free-to-download guide to learn how you can evaluate the success of your event with Exposure Analytics.

The digital analytics and measurement company can relate to you your event’s footfall, unique visitors, attendee dwell times, heat maps and flow routes.

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Our Event Tech Buyer’s Guide is available for the next 12 months and is completely free to download. For more information on our range of guides, or if you would like to feature in an upcoming guide, please email features@eventindustrynews.com