In direct response to the needs of thousands of busy event stand traders, and organiser’s looking for a constant supply of potential trade stand applicants, Event Owl has just released two new event listings packages to add to its unique ‘pay-as-you-approve’, online trade stand application system.

“We’ve not been very vocal until now, simply because we have been concentrating our efforts on our centralised, online booking system. Now we have this running smoothly, event organiser’s can also use our NEW FREE to list option, our NEW point and direct option or our register your interest form for those who run a pre-approval scheme, to get in front of new potential traders, advertisers and sponsors” Sarah Heath, Marketing.

Small start-ups through to large enterprises will be able to find suitable events (of all industries, which is what the site can handle) to trade at, using various search methods on the site or by location mapping. Contacting an event is made simpler through the systems contact form, sending messages directly to the relevant exhibitor stand coordinator. Some events often hide the names and emails of their coordinators so that none trade visitors do not inundate them. This increases the frustration for the would be exhibitor. With a trade focused event listings site this diminishes this concern.

“Giving our users a central, cloud based platform to host their key business details, and have this information auto populate in our unique, online trade stand application forms, means they can spend less time trawling the internet searching, reduce the repetitiveness nature of applying for, and keeping tabs on their applications, and more time with their families or on their business. That’s what we are all about.” Julie Whalley, Founder, Event Owl.

“The community styled approach to working with other organiser’s really pays off, we benefit from their exhibitors and they benefit from ours, but not through sharing databases per se, the exhibitors themselves can more easily find events to attend – as well as ours. We have a constant stream of new exhibitors who have seen our event through Event Owl, we might not have come across them otherwise. We’ve had so much praise for using the online booking system from our exhibitors” Melissa Thorpe, Clitheroe Food Festival, Event Organsier.

Event Owl is free to register with. Their small, friendly and experienced event management team will be taking all event-listing requests from Organisers personally. Their pay-as-you-approve scheme includes conversion of detail from current trade stand application forms, optional password protected booking page, automated notifier emails at every stage of application, deposit handling, promotion code set up, sales receipting, processing payments directly to organiser’s bank accounts, marketing activity amongst many other useful tools.

Event Owl will shortly will be hosting a recommended supplier list driven by event organiser’s and trader users themselves. Over 2,500 registered business traders regularly search the site and many sign up daily.

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