Event Integrity Task Force invites event industry to join Docket call


Mark your calendar for the scheduled open Docket call and let your voice be heard. 

Event Integrity Task Force (”EITF”) started Session One with the objective to obtain a baseline of the industry before deep-diving into challenges. All event professionals in the industry are urged to complete the Session One Questionnaire that is open now through Friday, 2nd August 2019. 

The industry at-large is invited to view what’s on the Docket and join the call taking place at 8am (MDT) on 21st August.  

The hour-long call is a structured conversation led by EITF North American leader, Aaron Kaufman, and EITF chairman, Mike Fuller. Community members participating in the Docket call can ask questions and engage EITF leadership using interactive chat features.   

Chrystal Huskey, co-founder and CEO of Event Integrity, explained: “This inclusive feature allows us to open up the conversation to all segments and verticals that make up our event industry. With the event industry’s size, and amount of professional overlap occurring with suppliers across our industry segments, we know there is a lot we can learn from one another. 

“Listening to the voice of our market is what led us here. The creation of the EITF, the commitment from our innovative founding leadership and partners, and the unveiling of our virtual community for event professionals in a few weeks, is proof that our industry is ready to collaborate. We are so excited to push this movement forward in any way we can.” 

EITF is a group of seasoned business veterans with specialised knowledge across various market segments and categories of interest in the event industry. They are working together to elevate the event industry standard. EITF’s mission is to empower and elevate event professionals with community, collaboration, and a marketplace to help them reach peak performance. By bridging conversations and fostering a community of united event pros, EITF believes that together, they can solve great challenges with enhanced communication and community activation.  

Molly Hookings
Author: Molly Hookings

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