Event Integrity has formed the Event Integrity Task Force “EITF” of high-level event veterans with specialised knowledge across various market segments and categories of interest. With the event industry spanning across every vertical in business, EITF segments and interests include Tradeshows, Weddings, Incentives, Tech, Diversity, Safety, and more. To gain a full perspective of the many facets of the industry and where it is headed, this group of curated professionals will leverage their aggregate knowledge and expertise to compose educational and actionable reports to address the biggest challenges facing the industry.  

The primary purpose of EITF is to engage in conversations and compile research that guides the event industry in a direction that embraces integrity, innovation and collaboration among event industry peers. The challenges of the event industry will be explored and demystified for Venues & Vendors as well as Event Hosts. Issues surrounding data protection, privacy, security, emergency situations, labor, diversity, and government are just a few of the topics on the docket. 

“It’s exciting to see everything take shape as we build this collaborative community for all event professionals. We’re on a mission to help Venues & Vendors thrive as we seek partnerships with educational organisations and leaders to help event pros, at any level in their event industry journey. It’s time, and we’re excited to build alongside other event professionals!” – Chrystal Huskey, CEO, Event Integrity 

At the helm of the EITF as the North American Task Force Leader, is Aaron Kaufman who is the President of Fifth Element Group and Mike Fuller, Event Integrity Co-Founder, who will serve as Chairman of EITF. Esosa Ighodaro, Founder of Black Women Talk Tech will serve as Technology President. Nick Borelli, an award-winning event industry marketing professional, will serve as Marketing President while Deborah Borak, VP of Conference Direct, serves as Meetings President. Browse founding leadership and view open roles with EITF online. 


EITF has partnered with Event Industry News, a leading online event industry magazine and their staff reporter, Molly Hookings, will serve as the Industry News Reporter to build and publish reports, studies, and other news originating from EITF activities. EITF leaders and members join because they care about the industry and want to influence it in a positive direction by combining their experiences to collaborate and recommend ways Venues & Vendors in the industry can overcome challenges faced by everyone in the business of events.  

“I’m excited to help event pros unite because elevating the industry is the mission of my vocation.” – Nick Borelli, President, Borelli Strategies 

The first session begins in June where all EITF leaders and community members are invited to engage in an industry-wide questionnaire and discussions. Questions will span many segments and interests across the event industry, as built by EITF in conjunction with the feedback from the industry. Through the community engagement model, the EITF may discover ways to improve or innovate current challenges faced within the industry and then make recommendations for improvement. Taking a modern and collaborative approach to the association model, the Task Force operates virtually, promotes inclusiveness and enhances pre-existing educational channels. 

Applications for Event Integrity Task Force leadership roles are open on an ongoing basis and were built on purpose to be agile. As such, segments and interests may be created, updated or retired, following input from the event industry. Positions are still open for interested event industry professionals for the North American Task Force and those interested in collaboration outside of North America are encouraged to contact the company.  

Adam is the co-founder and editor of www.eventindustrynews.com Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.