Event apps to enhance your event

1. Event Apps: help or hindrance?

It’s a question that Event Industry News is frequently asked. For the most part, the apps developed for the event industry have been done so with careful consideration as to the benefits they will bring the user, whether that be the organiser or the attendee.

However, the tech market remains a vast minefield of services that the inexperienced #eventprof may find complicated. So, to make things easier, Event Industry News has once again done some legwork for you.

Whilst the clear majority of event apps are undoubtedly useful, we wanted to look at the ones that really enhance your event. Our search focussed on apps that might help attendees understand the event content on a deeper level, improve the networking opportunities for delegates, or allow exhibitors to reach out to visitors to improve their own ROI.

The key word we focussed on was enhance. We wanted to find the apps that make the whole experience of an event better for the user than it would be without that app. So, read, and find out which apps made it into our list of event apps to enhance events.

2. Topi – Engineered serendipity

How good is an app if your attendees don’t use it?

Topi was built from the ground up with networking, messaging, and digital content in mind. Getting started with Topi is as easy for attendees as it is for busy event planners.

Participants sign up and join events in seconds. No more worrying about adoption rates. Topi is intuitive and powerful. Private encrypted chats among attendees or public chatrooms with thousands of people, Topi can scale without compromising security. And discovering people is finally fun again! Our matchmaking algorithms based on artificial intelligence and our collaborative research with professors from Berkeley and Columbia universities brings the best networking tool in the industry to your attendees’ fingertips.

If you think all of this probably comes at a cost, think again.

Topi saves you money and time. Our easy-to-use web-based dashboard puts you in the driver’s seat. Your event is set up in minutes, and changes are available in real-time in the mobile app. Literally.

Our flexible pricing structure allows event planners to save big bucks. Forget about ditching features to save money. With Topi, you can use everything on all of our plans. Simply upgrade if you need additional support.

Speaking of which, our second-to-none support team is on three continents, so no matter when you need us, we’ll be around. And in good hands.

Schedule a personalized demo at topi.com today and join the thousands of companies, universities, conferences and trade shows who trust Topi for their events.

3. QuickMobile – Technology driven & attendee inspired

There are 2 questions you need to ask to make sure your tech is right for your event:

How difficult will it be to set up? and

What does it do for my attendees?

At QuickMobile, we know that event planners have busy, unpredictable, stressful jobs—that’s why we make the process of making event apps with us simple, straightforward, and easy.

When you make your app with us, you gain access to 50+ customizable features, with training on our event app builder, 24/7 help lines, and additional support as needed. We make event management easy, from communicating with attendees, to managing content, to on-the-spot updates.

Even more complicated aspects such as engagement optimization, security compliance, and post-event analytics are a breeze.

But the other half of the equation is your attendees. It’s not just about the event app. From beginning to end of the app making process, we all provide the tools, support, and consultation you might need to really make an event app that serves your purposes—and your attendees’.

That’s why every single event app begins with a consultation with one of our experts. And that expert is available throughout the process to make sure that your event app is optimal for what you intend to do with it.

Your event app is an attendee’s first impression of the whole event. At QuickMobile, we make it our goal to help planners put the focus on attendees, without losing touch with your event objectives.

Sound good to you? Request an event app demo today and talk to our experts!

4. Conference Compass

If you run an association or if knowledge sharing is at the core of your events, the Society App by Conference Compass is the right choice for you.

A year-round mobile portal
Instead of only one event – include your whole annual calendar of congresses, workshops, seminars and trainings in your app and bring more powerful connections even to smaller events. Conference content will stay accessible year-round and by adding abstracts, journals, news, e-posters and slides to the app you create a mobile, fully searchable library for attendees and members.

Engage and interact
The app includes numerous interactive features like voting, personal & topical chat, ask-a-question or session rating. Moderators can be allocated to relevant sessions, which enables them to operate the features easily, giving them complete control. If an attendee has no iOS or Android device, he or she can also participate through the web.

Keep attendees informed
The Society App loves a complex event programme and turns it into a great user experience. Attendees can create their own personal agenda and add sessions directly to their calendar. Share buttons allow in-app notes to be sent via email, message or posted to social media. An interactive floor plan shows multiple levels and is fully connected with the app content, meaning it will click through to the right exhibitor and the right room. And it works offline, too! Last-minute room changes are no longer a problem thanks to push notifications that are linked to the right location or session.

Easy set-up and custom integrations
Conference Compass creates each app individually to fit their client’s needs and offers training and excellent support. The event data can be imported through Excel templates or automated channels. Custom integrations to connect to membership databases, event registration software or abstract software are also possible.

Conference Compass was founded in 2011 and has continuously proven to be an industry leader for high-quality event apps. Their clients are the largest medical and scientific societies in Europe who value the specialisation in their field and commitment to offering a truly engaging user experience.

Request your free demo today!

5. JUJAMA offers an event app that has everything you and your attendees need

No matter what your focus and how large or small your crowd. Starting with basics — JUJAMA provides easy mobile access to content like single or multi-track agendas, robust speaker lists, event information and FAQs, and floor plans. If you’re looking to really engage your audience with something beyond the basics, look to JUJAMA for advanced networking features, like one-to-one scheduling tools for meetings, messaging, and matchmaking. By having the right tools to assist and engage your participants, you can create a meaningful event experience where they’re sure to come back again!

We understand the event industry enough to know that basic features and networking tools aren’t always sufficient in engaging your audience and keeping them focused. So, we’ve created a fresh dashboard option with engagement cards that bring the information directly to the attendee— a conference admin announcement, a message from a potential business partner, an important meeting invitation to respond to, etc. And to ensure your participants know whom to meet with, we’ve enhanced our networking with a matchmaking tool to help get the right buyer to the right seller — the only real way to boost your attendees’ ROI.

For the coordinator, these additional tools mean a bolstered number of individuals that fully populate their profiles — that’s a higher level of user engagement, along with an increase in meaningful networking that will leave your attendees feeling accomplished and happy. Top that off with maximum sponsor exposure, advanced API integrations, enhanced mobile app options within a conference admin portal, and customer service that is second-to-none — what’s not to love! Give JUJAMA a call at 570-209-7670 and ask how we can help your event.

6. Engage your attendees on and off the conference floor with Eventbase

Your brand’s mobile event strategy is no longer just a stand-in for a paper schedule—it’s an attendee engagement tool that brings your brand’s events to life.

Delivering visually-rich and engaging mobile event apps, Eventbase is the leading mobile event technology platform for premium brands that securely scales across their entire event portfolio, from the largest global conferences to small meetings and events.

With unmatched scalability and security, Eventbase is the event technology of choice for some of the largest brands in the world, including IBM, Cisco, Microsoft and SAP.

Boost your attendees’ experience with intelligent chatbots and 3D mapping that help attendees navigate multi-venue conferences. Create meaningful connections with AI-powered recommendation engines that make personalised session and networking suggestions based on user preferences. Engage your attendees on and off the conference floor with beacon-driven push notifications, in-session Q&A and post-event surveys.

Named “Best Event App” by the Event Technology Awards for four consecutive years (three gold awards and one silver) and winners of the “Best Event App” Webby Award in 2017, Eventbase is the trusted technology partner for some of the world’s largest events, such as SXSW, CES, Sundance Film Festival, Comic-Con and three Olympic Games.

Request a customised demo

Request a personalised demo to see how you can maximise your brand’s event app experiences.

7. CrowdCompass mobile event apps – Giving you a competitive advantage

Your attendees are demanding more personalised and engaging experiences at your events. Part of delivering these enhanced experiences is providing them with a leading-edge mobile event app. There are mobile event app providers all over the world ready to step in and partner with you – there’s just one small issue: not all event apps are created equal. So where do you start your search for the perfect app?

People attend events for two primary reasons; content and networking. CrowdCompass by Cvent creates a perfect balance between the two and provides the most relevant, most engaging, and most personalised mobile event app experience. In a sea of event app providers, CrowdCompass is the #1 event app developer in the app store, with 1.8M+ downloads to date and counting. We make engaging attendees easy while offering an intuitive and reliable content management platform that lets organisers empower speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors.

Additionally, within CrowdCompass, it is easy for you as event organisers to customise the mobile event app to match your event needs. You are in control and can choose from pre-built design themes and icon packs or use custom graphics and colour schemes to ensure the app matches the broader design of the event. We also offer world-class support so you don’t have to wait for a service team to make changes to your app. Last minute changes can be made on the fly and are updated in real-time to ensure attendees have all the latest info at their fingertips.

Want to learn more? Drop by our site and see why our mobile event apps offer you a competitive advantage.

8. Appendee, get attendees more involved than ever

The perfect way to keep attendees informed, connected and more involved than ever. The mobile app is very easy to setup and makes sure people exactly know what’s going on where and when.

Next to sharing all information about the event you are able to present a full interactive attendee list. Now attendees are able to get in touch and send in-app messages before, during and after the event.

Attendees become part of the event

As the app offers several useful features to increase the participation level people will get more involved than ever which results in optimum customer event experience. Live polling, in-app messaging and the closed community bulletin board are embraced by attendees, as they really become part of the event.

Conferences and incentive travels

Appendee has an obvious focus on delivering apps for conferences and incentive travels. Participants want to prepare them selves best in order to get comfortable. Provide them with the most up to date information. Limit the chances of unpleasant surprises, searching through e-mails or carrying around booklets by offering them all relevant information on their most important device.

Know what drives the crowd

Capture your attendee’s or travellers thoughts! People love to share their ideas and experiences. The closed community bulletin board lets attendees or travellers post, like and comment on questions, photos and stories. The excitement will start far before the conference and last longer than ever.


We believe Appendee is one of the easiest and most powerful tools to improve communication and increase the interaction among attendees. Surprisingly the app is already available for less than a thousand euros and Appendee can deliver apps within 24 hours.

Visitappendee.com for more information.

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