Where will the next decade take event technology?


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At our 2018 edition of Event Tech Live, we welcomed Clemie Hardie, managing director at Noodle Live; Felix Stroud-Allen, managing director at CrowdComms Europe and Leonora Valvo, co-founder and director at Swoogo.

During the panel discussion, the three experts discussed the progression of event technology drawing upon their predictions on upcoming trends. 

Defining the practicality of technology, Felix stated that just because a piece of tech is ‘trendy’ doesn’t necessarily mean it is useful to implement into an event.

Technology should be utilised because it serves a purpose to the event, organisers or audience experience. Using “tech for tech sake”, as Clemi described it, may increase its popularity but not its effectiveness.

Examples of technology that the panel touched upon include, data, AR and wearables, such as Google glasses, deliberating which tech will become easily accessible in the next few years.

Leonora suggested that some technologies would overtake others due to issues surrounding them. For example, facial recognition is shrouded with issues regarding privacy which may hinder its progression and accessibility to consumers.

The panel accepted questions from the audience to apply their expertise to real scenarios in different sectors, before making their predictions on how technology might progress in the next 10 years.

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Molly Hookings
Author: Molly Hookings

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