The power of facial recognition with Panos Moutafis


Taking to the Conference and Creativity Stage at last year’s Event Tech Live was Zenus CEO, Panos Moustafis. During his session, he delivered a presentation on the uses of facial recognition within the event industry and how organiser can utilise the technology to boost audience experience and ROI.

Being provided with information regarding an audience’s preferences and emotional responses to the event allows organises to tailor it to them. Instantly, this enhances the audience experience.

Without facial recognition, it would be impossible to gauge this level of data and insight on audiences without asking them directly. This would time-consuming, impractical and create a negative experience for the audience members.

“In order to understand how successful a session was, or a specific activation was, the basic tool we have are surveys. These are useful for open-end questions, but they don’t give us the continuous analysis of how people are feeling,” Pavos explained. He compared a live event to online where likes, traffic flow and engagement is all trackable.


Pavos explained that events are essentially about the human experience. Facial recognition technology allows organisers to determine who in the audience is engaged and their emotions as well as their age and sex.

Facial recognition can decrease queuing, offer a personalised experience and tailor an event for an attendee. In terms of the organiser, it will present information on visitor flow, the popularity of certain areas and audience engagement.

Event Tech Live is the world’s leading event technology expo and multi-strand conference. It is returning to the Old Truman Brewery, London, on 4th-5th November 2020.

This footage was kindly captured by our friends at First Sight Media.