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Taking to the Conference and Creativity stage at last year’s Event Tech Live, was Crystal Interactive’s head of innovation, Rob Curtis.

As part of his role, Rob provides expert, unbiased advice regarding event tech tools, drawing on his 14 years’ experience working with event technology. In the ever-changing landscape of technology, live events need to learn to utilise new technologies to maximise revenue and engagement.

“We want people to leave an event thinking, ‘that was a really good use of my time’,” Rob said, explaining that quantifying the success of an event can prove to be problematic.

However, Rob posed five questions with which event planners should quiz themselves to gain a better understanding of their attendees:

  • Did you learn something new?
  • Did you connect with other people?
  • Did you contribute?
  • Did you receive relevant and personal content based on your experience?
  • Was it memorable?

Using live polling, Rob engaged the audience to demonstrate how many people use tech pre- during and post-event to explore technology-adoption within the sector.

Citing research from his own and other key companies, Rob demonstrated the changing trends of technology used at live events.

“When the trusty event app came to market, that’s because everyone had a mobile phone and downloading apps was commonplace,” Rob stated, claiming that event technology often marries up with the trends and advancements in consumer behaviour and technology beyond the event industry.

Explaining various pieces of technology currently being used worldwide, Rob provided his suggestions on which technology and technological trends will shape the event industry in the “not so distant future”.

Event Tech Live, Europe’s only free-to-attend show dedicated to event technology, is returning on 6th-7th November.

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