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At last year’s Event Tech Live, two experts joined forces to discuss the rising and falling trends they have experienced in AV at conferences. Our speakers were Jim Young, the head of creative technology at Sparq, and Mark Jones, founder and CEO at Giant iTab.

Mark kicked off the session by asking the question: How are you going to create a great experience for the people who have taken time out to come and see you?

It’s not enough to simply have a speaker at a stand and expect your audience to engage with your content. Organisers are required to use the technology and techniques at their disposal to firstly grab, and then keep hold of, attendees’ attention.

Mark also referred to the work Giant iTab was doing with Mindlab at Sussex University, the neuropsychology department, to better understand human experience. Humans like and want shared experiences: cinema trips and rollercoaster-rides are examples of people taking part in group exercises despite them being equally as able to go alone.

Jim backed this point up: “You can put a person into a zone with AV immersion, but the true experience comes when you do that with others.”

The pair used their time onstage to also discuss AI, drawing upon their professional experiences and personal opinions to debate future trends. Will AI replace search bars? Are chatbots the future of human interactions? Do we have a responsibility to provide unfaltering Internet connections?

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