ETL replay: How to measure the success of your event

At last year’s Event Tech Live, a panel of experts sat down at the Brand & Buzz stage to discuss how the success of events could be quantifiable. Our speakers included Exposure Analytics’ commercial director, Rob Murdoch; Boom’s CEO, Dawn Farrow; and Mobile Promotions chair, Robin Carlisle.

To kick off the session the audience was asked: what is the biggest hurdle to adopting new technology? Company culture appeared as the top-most struggle that the audience members dealt with.

The panel discussed how they defined ‘success’. Rob stated that he defines a successful event by the leads and the business generated from them. Robin’s idea of success encompasses the satisfaction of the clients and Dawn focuses on engagement in order to create a successful event.

Audience engagement can be measured using facial detection technology that picks up on people’s facial expressions. An event can, therefore, be measured by the amount of smiles/frowns/neutral faces expressed during the show.

Dwell time is also a relevant and trackable aspect of events. It allows organisers to know which areas of their event are most popular and offers insights into how to set up future events or where to place certain stands/speakers, etc.

The audience was able to upload a stream of questions digitally throughout the talk so that the panel could offer their opinions and expertise. Some of the questions included: How do you [gain] consent to analyse expression for emotional response? What are the best measurements to keep sponsors happy? Given the subjective nature of event success, how much attention do you pay to post-event feedback?

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This footage was kindly captured by our friends at First Sight Media.

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