ETL Replay: facial recognition – one giant leap for ‘event-kind’

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Speaking from the Festival and Future Stage at Event Tech Live 2018 was Danny Stevens, CEO and founder of Fielddrive, a provider of onsite technology services for events, conferences and tradeshows.

Here, he explained the benefits created when events use facial recognition as part of the registration, check-in and attendee-tracking process.

He demonstrated how the technology would increase efficiency and security at events, stating that the check-in process would drop from 25-40 seconds per delegate to a mere nine seconds. It would also decrease the amount of equipment and staff-members needed by 50%, saving time, equipment and cost.

Stating that the technology could even distinguish between identical twins, Danny claimed that the software has a 99.7% success rate. He also stressed that the technology is an opt-in service: a delegate must upload a photo of their face so that the technology can create a biometric profile. The photo is then deleted, ensuring the service is completely compliant with GDPR guidelines.

He encouraged feedback from the audience to gauge an idea of the average opinion on facial recognition.

Acknowledging that some people find the software “creepy”, Danny referred to places such as Google and casinos that are implementing the same type of technology to create user profiles. He suggested that facial recognition is already here and is “here to stay” so we, as a society, need to decide how best to implement it into our lives.

He drew his presentation to a close answering questions from the audience.

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