Episode 9: A.C.T. National hears final verdict in mock trial

In the final episode of A.C.T. National’s mock trial, the jury considered the evidence that had been presented throughout the day and gave its final verdict.

Unanimously, the jury found both defendants, Chris Woodford and John Crouchley, of Wheeldon Builders Ltd and Arkwright Components Ltd respectively, guilty.

The court proceeded to sentence the defendants who were directed to stand before the judge.

Woodford was informed that, though the evidence did not prove he had “actual foresight” of the accident, he did not exercise reasonable care to prevent such incidents occurring. He neglected to make the relevant checks, follow suitable regulations and decided to employ a boy with “no experience”.

He was therefore sentenced to 15 months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years.

Mr Crouchley’s absence from the site and careless delegation of responsibility resulted in his £850,000 fine.

The prosecuting and defending barristers succeeded the sentences with advice about the procedures of a real-life court case and explanations of the mock trial, before answering questions from the audience.

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