Elation Proteus™ market’s leading weatherproof lights for outdoor events


Elation Professional designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of innovative lighting products routinely used on a huge variety of events across the globe. When lighting designers, lighting rental companies and production houses need weatherproof IP-rated lighting fixtures, the Elation brand is often at the top of their wish list. Elation offers a comprehensive range of IP-rated weatherproof lighting with its Proteus brand especially regarded as a worldwide standard for environmental ingress protected luminaires (IP65).

Designed to excel under any weather conditions, the IP65 Proteus range has won multiple industry awards for lighting innovation and houses unique technologies that keep them functional in all types of weather, even the frost of winter. In fact, all Proteus luminaires have an internal heating system that keeps them working to minus 20°C. Additionally, they have eliminated the need for costly shrouds and unsightly weatherproof coverings, giving designers the freedom to utilize the latest in lighting technology at any event, indoors or out.

Proteus Excalibur

The Proteus range covers powerful LED and discharge-based moving head fixtures, LED wash and effects lights, and LED batten lights. New to the series are two power moving head luminaires, the 75,000-lumen Proteus Brutus™ LED wash effect, and the powerful Proteus Excalibur™ sky beam. Also new is the Proteus Rayzor 1960™ LED wash effects luminaire and the Proteus Rayzor Blade™ LED wash and FX batten.

Proteus Brutus™: The Proteus Brutus is an exceptionally powerful 75,000-lumen LED wash fixture with IP65 rating designed for piercing beam looks and high-intensity washes in any environment. With a zoom range from 4° to 45° and impressive 220mm front lens, it houses a CMY color mixing and complete effects system.

Proteus Excalibur™: The Proteus Excalibur is a stunningly powerful IP65 beam moving head set to assume the role as the new 21st Century searchlight. With extreme power (20,000 lumens), super narrow 0.8° beam, and wide front aperture, it excels at creating aerial light beams, throws of CMY color, and air FX rivaling Xenon searchlights.


Proteus Rayzor 1960™: This compact yet extremely powerful LED wash effects luminaire with 5.6 to 44-degree zoom projects intense, well-defined mid-air beams, as well as an exceptionally wide and even wash coverage. Driven by 19 independently controlled 60W RGBW LEDs, the Proteus Rayzor 1960 provides a powerful beam (over 17,000 lumens) that stands out on any event.

Proteus Rayzor Blade™: The Proteus Rayzor Blade is a combination of linear wash, high-intensity strobe line and SparkLED™ FX inside a compact IP65 linear fixture design. Available with 6 or 12 independently controlled 60W RGBW LEDs, Proteus Rayzor Blade provides well-defined mid-air beams up to 12,500 lumens or exceptionally wide and even wash coverage.

“The IP-rated Proteus fixtures handled everything January in Minnesota could throw at them.” – Chris LeBlanc of event production company Showcore

“There are simply no restrictions with the Proteus.” – Lighting Designer Thomas Gerdon

“Choosing to use Proteus was really about being responsible. There’s no excuse now.” – Lighting Designer Butch Allen

See the complete Proteus range at https://www.elationlighting.eu/series/proteus


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