Educational Measures will be at stand 1211 at Event Tech Live!


Educational Measures® (EM), the live events engagement company, is debuting as an Event Tech Live exhibitor this year.

Founded in 2003, EM is a full-service event technology company and the premier global provider of live audience engagement tech and services. It features Array®, an innovative second screen technology platform that produces unsurpassed audience participation while delivering powerful data, analytics and insights.

EM currently has offices located in Denver, Philadelphia, New York and Dublin and employs over 100 associates.

What does Educational Measures do?


EM is spearheading the way in creating dynamic meetings and events with remarkable audience engagement. It uses its Array® interactive technology to increase audience participation, capture rich data and quantify and improve meeting impact. It has been deployed at over 2,000 events in 37 countries, transforming distracted attendees into involved participants. On average, Array produces over 3,500 audience interactions per meeting.

Array provides a “wow factor” from the moment the audience walks in a room. With 25 interactive capabilities and a simple interface, attendees can engage with presenters, slides and content in real-time, ask and answer questions. They can participate in live polls, take notes, save slides, and even rate slides. Saved slides and notes are conveniently delivered to participants’ inboxes post-event.

Creative learning features like games and leaderboards enable Array to capture and keep an audience’s attention while facilitating learning and knowledge retention.

Event stakeholders can capture every click and action – from scoring slides to taking notes – to analyse the rich engagement data in Array Hub – Educational Measure’s cloud-based analytics platform.

Visit EM at stand 1211

EM prioritises flawless technology execution which is insured by its knowledgeable end-to-end customer success team.

Meet the EM team at stand 1211 at this year’s Event Tech Live. Make your way there to find out how Array can transform your meetings and events.

Director of Marketing Brandee Plott, Educational Measures, told Event Industry News: “We are delighted to take part in such an amazing event. We will continue to expand our global reach for in-person events. We also have plans to bring Array to new meeting types including standalone virtual events.”

The team can be contacted here or email

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