DRPG takes clients to new frontiers hosting their 4th DRPGBIGTALK


This week saw the fourth and biggest ever ‘DRPGBIGtalk’ staged at DRPG’s 212 studios in Worcestershire. The thought leadership event transported 150 delegates to New Frontiers incorporating insight and innovation including keynote presentations, workshops and interactive sessions, hosted by experts from the industry and the DRPG team. 

The drinks reception was held on the construction site, which will become the new DRPG comms and design centre, delegates used AR and VR to bring the new centre alive. The evening meal was prepared by Chef Tom Court, using only Worcestershire sourced food and drink, creating a fully sustainable experience. 

After-dinner, Will Whitehorn, former president of Virgin Galactic, gave a fascinating insight into the challenges of space tourism.

The aim of the event was to provide clients with insights on key topics, helping the industry to grow and ensuring their clients advance in their various fields of expertise.

The event kicked off with a welcome from Group CEO, Dale Parmenter, and with keynote speaker, Richard Mullender. Following this, delegates could choose four sessions from a selection of six, that were on a rotating schedule during the afternoon. Sessions were in keeping with the space theme and included the following topics: ‘New frontiers of audience engagement’, ‘AI new frontier or the end of the world?’, ‘Crossing frontiers to measure behaviour change’ and ‘The new frontier of speaking global’ amongst others.

Dale Parmenter commented: “For brands, businesses and even individuals, we are living in an age of extremely rapid change and transformation. Audience-needs and behaviours are constantly evolving and if we’re going to stay relevant to the next generation of employees and consumers, we need to act fast and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing new communication strategies and campaigns. 

“In the past, we’ve seen how DRPGBIGtalk has tremendous value for our clients. This year’s event proved to be just as valuable as we boldly went and pushed ourselves to consider the future and what it potentially entails. Our great speakers shared insight, ideas and inspiration, looking ahead and into the future of our shared craft.”

In 2016, DRPG launched the first DRPGBIGtalk, which saw over 150 people come together for the biggest shared conversation to date, and each year the event grows. Through the DRPGtalk online blogs on key industry topics and their ‘DRPGtalk’ live events – a series of insightful discussions focusing on thought leadership – DRPG’s aim is to improve and enhance the way we all work in the fast-evolving world of communications. 

Molly Hookings
Author: Molly Hookings

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