DB’s revolutionary iPad walls and Object Recognition Tables are made available for temporary and permanent installations

DBpixelhouse are excited to announce the release of productised versions of two of their digital solutions, which have brought tangible successes to numerous clients at events and installations around the world.

PixelBrix is the new name for DBpixelhouse’s iPad wall— a proven stand attractor. A tailor-made video wall made of iPads which can be configured in any shape or size, where each tablet can be removed and used independently as users explore engaging custom content in a specifically designed app. PixelBrix has been a show stopping digital installation wherever it has been used—because of its unique look and interactivity, people simply can’t resist looking at and engaging with PixelBrix. As well as being a premier method of attracting attention and engaging with visitors, in the background, PixelBrix is collecting a wide range of data, capturing leads and reporting giving real customer insights and ROI for brands.

Used for one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical brands at the ESC congress, DB created a 144-tablet iPad wall which was used over 26,000 times during the three-day event. As a video wall, the tablets displayed high-definition custom brand animation which attracted a lot of attention. Taking an iPad out of the wall launched an app on the tablet in which the user could explore marketing content in greater depth and collected user insights for the exhibitor, helping them to capture data and measure the ROI of the event. When an iPad was placed back into the wall, it recognised its position and became part of the bigger picture again.


PixelBrix is much more than just an iPad wall, every element is customisable to suit the brand and application. From the content users explore, to the size and layout of the wall, everything is possible with PixelBrix.

PixelPux is a fun and functional way of presenting large amounts of marketing collateral for users to explore through an interactive platform. PixelPux is the new name for DBpixelhouse’s Object Recognition Tables, which have been a proven method of enhancing engagement at events for several years.

PixelPux is a multifaceted journey of digital discovery which has a pedigree record of attracting attention and providing a platform for in-depth exploration of a brand’s products and services. Activated by placing a trigger object on the touchscreen, users navigate through a custom app which is a fun and functional interface for presenting large amounts of marketing material.

US based biotechnology brand Illumina used a four- screen PixelPux table at the ESHG congress with astounding success. Illumina recorded an 87% increase in product brochures being distributed over the previous year when they used an iPad app and a 98% increased compared to two years before when they were giving out paper brochures. Illumina are not alone with their PixelPux success stories, pharmaceutical giant GSK used PixelPux Object Recognition Tables at a recent event and reported a 65% increase in stand footfall compared to similar events, whilst aerospace giant GE logged an average dwell time of nine minutes, during which users explored content on their PixelPux table.

DBpixelhouse’s Head of Content Alastair Reece said: “We decided to launch productised versions of our iPad wall and Object Recognition Table because of the successes they have brought our clients. We have created so many different bespoke interactives over the last few years, but we haven’t actually stopped to productise any of them! This is just the start of us making it easier for agencies and brands to better inform their customers. In a world where tech is now so commonplace, we passionately believe in the integration of the latest technology with truly immersive and engaging content which has a purpose—rather than having technology just for the sake of it. PixelBrix and PixelPux are both problem solving experiences which deliver tangible results for our clients and can be rented from us for short term events or sold for permanent installation in customer innovation centres or retail environments. If you’re interested in using PixelBrix or PixelPux in any way, simply get in touch with a member of our team to discuss a tailor-made package.”

To learn about PixelBrix, visit www.pixelbrixwall.com

To learn about PixelPux, visit www.pixelpux.com

Adam is the co-founder and editor of www.eventindustrynews.com Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.