Data & Analytics for events – Do you have the tools?


Many brands and rights holders understand the importance of live events or experiences and invest heavily in them however they fall short when it comes to correctly valuing that investment. At Meshh, we help you measure and optimise real-world behaviour.

It is universally accepted that your digital marketing technology stack is critical to your organisation’s success. It enables you to manage your brand efficiently, coordinate and execute campaigns and attract and convert customers. However, the same robustness of approach for live experiences, events and activations is lagging behind.

Live events and experiences are a critical component of any brand’s marketing strategy because face-to-face is the best way to engage a brand’s current and prospective customers. There are thousands of solutions to choose from but it’s vital that you select the right solution which will be fundamental in enabling you to reach your goals and KPIs.

Enter Meshh Spatial Analytics: Meshh’s fully GDPR-compliant Spatial Analytics platform doesn’t require users to download an app or opt-in to location services; instead, we monitor passive WiFi pings from users’ mobile devices and record their movements anonymously.


With no requirement for an opt in, Meshh’s sample sizes trend upwards of 80% across different event and retail environments, giving agencies and marketers a much larger data set to drive decision making with.

Meshh’s suite of metrics allows marketers to not only evaluate the ROI of the experiences which they create but also;

  • Understand exposure and engagement
  • Identify conversion rates of passers-by to engaged participants
  • Understand time spent with brand or at an event
  • How often visitors or consumers return
  • Gather insight into the effectiveness in driving footfall to additional assets/ retail space and the time taken to engage with all locations
  • Comparing performance across different sites, experiences and locations can help with event scheduling and budget allocation, whilst providing benchmarks for different environments
  • Highlight areas for optimisation and commercial opportunities

Another benefit of Meshh’s Spatial Analytics is that it compliments third party data collection. With Formula 1, Meshh is part of a wider comprehensive data and research programme – from measuring how fans move around a circuit and interact with key sponsors, fanzone and merchandise to on-site and post event fan feedback. We are an integral part of the technology stack for the live element of Formula 1 fandom.

Tishman Speyer on the other hand works with Meshh to collect both qualitative and quantitative data at Rockefeller Centre, New York. Tishman Speyer uses the first party data collected from tourists and tenants to gain insight into both on-site experience and how Rockefeller compares to other key New York attractions. Combined with our quantitative analysis, these insights are being used by Tishman Speyer to adjust and improve resource allocation, staffing, and marketing spends while enhancing commercial and sponsorship potential. 

Events and experiences drive a unrivalled depth of engagement with consumers. Agencies and brands must find ways to demonstrate this real world value. Get in touch if you would like to see how Meshh can be part of your technology stack for live events.


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