Custom anti-viral and reusable face coverings offer unique solution for event and exhibitions reopening


Bumpaa anti-viral, customisable and reusable masks and snoods help to offer protection at exhibitions and conferences 

The exciting news that events, conferences and exhibition centres will be able to reopen from October 1st is a positive step towards returning to normality for many companies affected by the current pandemic.

However, with critical social distancing and other Covid-19 protocols set to be announced to ensure the safety of staff and attendees, events and exhibition organisers need to be one step ahead of these guidelines and preparing for the new systems that will guide how reopening can happen. Face masks and coverings are likely to be a compulsory element to these rules.

Duncan Gilmour, managing director at Screenworks, comments: “We have worked closely with the events and exhibitions industry for decades and know how devastating the impact of Covid-19 has been on the sector. When lockdown happened and the impact hit our business, we worked hard to pivot our traditional garment decoration offering at Screenworks. We wanted to do all we could to help support the Covid-19 efforts. This resulted in a period of research and development, leading to the creation of the first-to-market anti-viral and reusable face masks and snoods through our Bumpaa™ brand. These anti-viral products are set to be a great support for event and exhibition organisers, as well as show attendees, as they offer a more sustainable, easy-to-use, customisable face mask option that helps protect staff and visitors.”


These aren’t just standard fabric face coverings; the products are manufactured using a technical fabric. All Bumpaa’s face coverings are treated with a specialist anti-viral treatment – ViralOff®. This technology effectively reduces viruses and bacteria on the product by up to 99 per cent over two hours*. The treatment does not interfere with the skin’s natural bacterial flora and lasts for the product’s lifetime. With their long-lasting antiviral properties, the masks and snoods can be reused repeatedly. This helps save vital supplies of PPE for the NHS and reduces the use of disposable masks.

The anti-viral treatment on Bumpaa products ensures that when the mask is safely removed, if any virus or bacteria is present on the surface, 99 per cent will be safely deactivated within a maximum of two hours*. The masks do not require any washing, but if necessary, a cold-water hand wash is advised to maintain the maximum anti-viral effect. This is especially helpful for busy exhibition workers and attendees, as they can reuse the mask without laundering, and the product is protected throughout the day from harbouring viruses or bacteria.

Lightweight, comfy and fully brandable, there are also no design limitations to Bumpaa products. Instead of plain, or standard, fabrics design face coverings, they can be fully customised to fit trends or can be branded to resell as merchandise, or as uniform for staff. The masks can be produced very quickly, as the fabric is milled and treated with the ViralOff treatment, decorated, and packed in the UK, all in as little as three days. 

Screenworks has already seen huge demand from across the sporting and events industries.

With MOQ’s as low as 50 pieces, even on custom masks, Screenworks is able to offer a free of charge, printed sample with a company’s chosen design – to enable buyers to visualise branding and marketing opportunities.

* Per ISO = test ISO18184:2019, ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2) (Influenza = A)

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