Crowd Connected announces launch of Bluebird, a revolutionary new sales tool for the exhibition industry


Instant insight into how every stand is performing, across the entire show floor – essential for exhibition sales teams in a post COVID-19 world

Crowd Connected, a market leader in visitor tracking technology, today announces the launch of Bluebird, a ground-breaking new product that equips exhibitions sales teams with vital data they have traditionally lacked: exhibitor performance metrics.

Bluebird has been designed specifically to help face-to-face exhibitions compete in a post COVID-19, digital-first world. It uses easy-to-gather visitor footfall data to provide instant insight into how every stand is performing, across the entire show floor.

As exhibition organisers prepare for the return of their physical shows, convincing exhibitors of the long-term value of participation will be harder than ever. Bluebird provides the data needed to drive persuasive sales conversations, with a particular focus on on-site rebook.

Bluebird is an intuitive web application that maps exhibitor performance metrics to the show’s floor plan. That enables sales personnel to quickly see which stands are doing poorly and those that are performing well. Bluebird even suggests specific sales plays like upsell or retention.

It is a complete stand-alone solution that doesn’t require complex integrations. That makes Bluebird easy to deploy and low cost – crucial when budgets are under serious pressure. It was developed with input from sales leaders from across the exhibition industry, which ensures Bluebird delivers against important criteria such as ease-of-use across the entire sales cycle.

Crowd Connected’s Commercial Director Mark Maydon said: “Bluebird is the logical evolution of the work we were doing with exhibitions organisers before COVID-19 put physical shows on hold.

“We’d identified that a lack of data into how stands are performing was causing sales teams a real headache. Even when lead capture systems are available, all too often sales teams cannot get timely access to lead metrics, and so have no measure of exhibitor performance.

“By using our visitor tracking technology – which works by having code inserted into the show’s official mobile app – organisers get reliable footfall metrics for every stand. We could see from our work pre-pandemic how positive this was in driving onsite rebook and key account retention. Bluebird neatly packages this data up into a web app that’s a doddle to use, supporting the sales narrative whenever, wherever.

“Demonstrating ROI to exhibitors has long been the number one challenge for exhibition sales teams. Post pandemic, this will be truer than ever. So we’re delighted to make Bluebird available to exhibitions globally.”

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Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

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