Creative agency emc3 and virtual platform Hubilo announce strategic partnership


emc3, who specialises in virtual and hybrid event production, has partnered with Hubilo – the all-in-one event platform that delivers the largest suite of engagement and gamification features of any platform in the industry. Built with the mission to drive deep engagement, foster connections, and drive better ROI for businesses, Hubilo’s platform will enable emc3 to deliver creative event production at scale to their customers. 

Event agencies like emc3 are true creatives that need to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing technological landscape. By partnering with Hubilo, not only can creative agencies deliver more options to their clients, but they can also simplify many aspects of the event planning process while increasing their ROI.

Daniel Curtis, Chief Strategy Officer of emc3, commented, “We’ve produced over 70 virtual events of all shapes and sizes over the last 16-months, and our first hybrid event was back in 2014, so it’s a space we know very well. Our technical team has been deeply focused on researching the latest technologies to ensure we can deliver the most immersive and engaging digital experiences for our clients and partners and Hubilo is a clear front runner!”

Greg Volm, SVP – Sales and Success at Hubilo, added, “We’re thrilled to be working with some of the top creative agencies in the world to deliver world-class events through our platform. With emc3’s creative prowess and our technology, there is no limit to how many attendees we can engage and dazzle with an amazing virtual and hybrid event experience. Hubilo’s mission is to foster greater human connections through the reimagination of events; with this in mind, we have recently launched the advanced version of our platform that will reimagine event experiences at scale.”  


Hubilo have just launched an updated version of their platform. The latest release uses activity-centric engagement tools, such as gamification, live polls, and Q&As, to capture the attention of audiences, keep conversations active, and deliver a personalized, unique experience. 

Key features include:

  • Streamlined and minimalist navigation
  • Global side panel for easy engagement
  • Improved messaging and chat
  • Redesigned lounges and personal schedules
  • Enhanced sponsor interaction capabilities through virtual booths
  • Seamless session viewing
  • Strengthened branding opportunities

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