Wednesday 13 February will see Health & safety specialist A.C.T. (National) Ltd put event industry perceptions about supply chain compliance in the dock at the Liberal Club, Whitehall and the last few tickets are up for grabs.

Following on from A.C.T’s launch event, this year’s case, again run by practising criminal barristers, will look at client accountability when engaging a contractor/supplier, investigating what happens when something goes significantly wrong.

Falling from height is the biggest cause of fatality in an event environment and the trial will, again, expose its audience to the rigors, the trials, of a proper courtroom environment as it highlights the facts and the liabilities before calling for a verdict from the floor.


A key difference in 2019 will see the event examining how the Crown would investigate the client in the context of an accident somewhere along the supply chain, in terms of risk management, due diligence, active monitoring et al.

“Everybody uses contractors but not everybody does the on-the-job checks, the pre-checks or the due diligence,” Mark Wheeldon, Commercial Director at A.C.T., explains.

The mock trial follows A.C.T’s launch event in 2016, which examined the hire and use of equipment in the confines of an event site – where culpability lies if there’s an accident. The case was made with such conviction there was clamour for much more and global professional services firm Aon has stepped up to sponsor the sophomore show.

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Paul Allott is a director and co-founder of Event Industry News, Event Tech Live and the Event Technology Awards.