Contactless Event Check-In: How to protect employees and attendees


Worldwide deliveries for the new normal with selected equipment

The event industry is preparing for the time after event restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic. Use our hardware for contactless check-in. We have expanded our range of accessories to support compliance with hygiene regulations or safety precautions.

Check-in stations can be combined with QR code scanners that do not require touching. A scan is triggered when the scanner recognizes a movement. Simply hold your cell phone or ticket with a QR or bar code in front of it. Done!

We recommend printing badges on thermal printers with built-in cutting tools. The finished name badge can be taken without human contact after printing.  


Protect attendees and event staff by using Sneeze Guards on your registration desk. Simply send them back to us, and we will take care of the correct disposal.

Check the body temperature of your participant and receive additional certainty that only healthy participants enter your event. The software uses face recognition to measure the temperature of the participant’s forehead and reproduces it as color code and, if necessary, with an alarm (traffic light colors).

Face-Recognition Temperature Scanner

  • Contactless through a built-in thermal camera
  • 99.5% accuracy from up to 2ft distance (60 cm)
  • Facial recognition and mask recognition function
  • Recognition speed up to 0.2 seconds / person
  • Abnormal body temperature alarm
  • Supports Celsius and Fahrenheit

From now on, you can also get disinfection stations from us if your venue does not offer such or does not provide sufficient availability. The automatic dispensers are contactless. We also supply disinfectants for refilling if required.

Disinfection Station

  • Foldable and built up in seconds
  • Battery operated automatic dispenser adjustable to 1 or 2 pumps
  • Large capacity of 1000 ml, easy refill

Through our production partners, we offer customizable protection kits that you can hand over to your participants.

  • Consists of 1x face mask cat. 1, 1 pair of gloves, 4 x cleaning gel, 2 x cleaning wipes
  • Price: 6.00 – 8.00 Euro / Kit  incl. double-sided logo sticker (1 design)
  • Minimum quantity: 500 kits/order

High hygiene standards continued and sensibly supplemented

To protect our employees, their families and our clients, we strictly follow health care guidelines and amongst our team enforce social distancing, wearing masks along with daily temperature scans.

100% of bacteria and virus free delivery

Our team carefully cleans and disinfects all hardware after each use to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Before we pack the equipment, it is treated again with disinfectant wipes. 

Frequent onsite cleaning

All deliveries from Choose 2 Rent come with alcohol cleaning pads to wipe the rented equipment from time to time in a virucidal and technology-friendly manner. Add more wipes to your booking if desired. If onsite support is booked for your event, our team is trained to clean onsite equipment frequently.  

We are happy to answer any questions!

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