Scotland’s digital industry showcased at VisitScotland Business Events’ latest INNOVATETHENATION talk


Scotland’s thriving digital economy will be the theme of the latest in VisitScotland’s INNOVATETHENATION public talks in Stirling on 7 December.

INNOVATEDIGITAL is a partnership between VisitScotland Business Events, CodeBase Stirling – UK’s largest tech incubator, STEP Scotland – business incubator providing support to local businesses, and Stirling Council.

During this informal evening of learning and discovery, attendees will gain invaluable insight from experts working in Scotland’s thriving digital space. Issues on the agenda include: public data; data innovation; the importance of audience in crowdfunding; and social good enabled by digital technologies.

Rory Archibald, VisitScotland Business Events

Rory Archibald, Associations & Sectors, VisitScotland Business Events said:“We are excited to be able to shine a light on Scotland’s innovative digital sector that is one of our fastest growing industries. There are now around 3,000 digital economy companies in Scotland with the tech industry contributing around £5bn to the country’s economy. Companies are spread far and wide throughout the country, with Scotland now a key global destination for establishing, growing and developing digital businesses.”

Speakers at the event include Dr Matthew Davis, Director and Founder of social tech and consultancy company, Wittin; Kaye Symington, Director and Co-Founder of consultancy company, Paved with Gold and Dr Greg Singh, Communications, Media and Culture Lecturer at University of Stirling.

Steven Drost, CSO, CodeBase Stirling, said: “CodeBase Stirling is proud to work with VisitScotland by hosting INNOVATEDIGITAL. It is part of CodeBase’s mission to help communicate and connect the public to the technological innovations of today. As technology increasingly underpins more and more our day to day lives, it is important that the conversation about technology is held in an open space, where technology, business, academia, state and public can exchange views in an inclusive and transparent way.”

Dr Matthew Davis, Director, Wittin, said: “I’m excited to introduce our company to a wide range of tech industry in Stirling. As our work lies squarely in the realm of citizen engagement, specifically dealing with Stirling Council data, I am looking forward to presenting on citizen empowerment, open government and our role in bringing those two aspects together. This will enable attendees to take away thoughts about the current technology scene in Scotland and ideas on how they can get involved.”

Kaye Symington, Director, Paved with Gold, said: “It’s important that Scotland celebrates the innovation that is happening within its borders, both internally and with the rest of the world. I’m really looking forward to sharing the value of crowdfunding and what it can bring to people who are launching products or have small businesses in Scotland.”

Scotland’s rich digital space will also showcase during “Legends” – VisitScotland Business Events’ latest industry-first, two-year digital campaign, which focuses on the country’s long-established position as the home of pioneering innovation, and unites the Scottish business events market under the banner of Scotland. Where ideas become legend’.

Scotland has recognised for a long time that, while delivering economic benefit, hosting association conferences, conventions and congresses provides a platform for new ideas and innovative thinking, paving the way for collaborations, research and new discoveries. The new campaign capitalises on this idea, sending a clear message that Scotland is a world-leader in research and innovation.

Organised by VisitScotland Business Events, INNOVATETHENATION is an ongoing series of public talks, which bring together industry experts in a series of engaging events held throughout Scotland.

For more information or queries regarding the INNOVATEDIGITAL event, please contact Patrick Lamont at


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