Luis Tato’s epic photograph, “A Spanish Festival of Fire and Horses” won an unprecedented three categories in the 2017 awards: Cultural, People’s choice and Overall Winner. This compelling image, alight with vibrant orange and red hues captured the magic of the unique Spanish festival and won the hearts of the judges and guest voters.

Now in its 5th year, entries for the Event Photography Awards are now open – through a brand new website:

The Event Photography Awards champion the importance of photography to the events industry – instrumental, as it is, to promoting the event industry as a whole, as well as amplifying its products.

Categories include Corporate, Cultural, Experiential, Music, Private and Sporting Events, plus Trade Shows and Weddings. There is also a ‘Behind the Scenes’ category, which always attracts insightful work, and a ‘Peoples’ Choice’ award that is judged by attendees at the awards event, which will be held at The British Museum on 3rd May 2018.

Two New Categories – Venues and Food

Every event needs a venue and invariably involves food… Regardless of how architecturally stunning or ornate a venue may be, it takes great skill to photograph of empty spaces entirely and enticingly. The new Venues category champions a key skill in the events market. Similarly, this new Food category champions the importance of catering at events, from haute cuisine to crazy cocktails!

Two Charities

For the events industry, the Event Photography Awards is supporting Meeting Needs. While on the photographic side, the competition is supporting PhotoVoice, an award-winning charity that helps enables good causes and under-represented communities amplify their message through innovative participatory photography and digital storytelling methods.

Awards & Cash Prize (new)

Although winning an Event Photography Award affords significant kudos and a fair amount of press coverage, for the first time there is also a cash prize of £1,000 for the overall winner. The awards are open to both professional and amateur photographers, for whom there is a separate award in each category.

Quote: Paul Clarke, 2014 Overall Winner

“Being an EPA winner made a huge difference to my profile and success as an event photographer. It’s great to see such a celebration of the visual side of the events industry.”

Quote: Philip Atkins, EPA Founder & MD, Off To Work

“The events industry sells itself through photography, while great photos amplify the impact and thereby the validity of events. As such, it’s important that we celebrate the wonderful work of the photographers that capture the energy and essence of events, as well as the venues where they are held and the food that’s served at them, hence this year’s exciting new categories.”


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