Lincoln’s Inn releases latest event preferences research


The London venue, Lincoln’s Inn, has conducted telling new research into the event preferences of guests.

Confirming the increasing need for venues to offer an all-encompassing 360-degree service, opinions were decidedly split in Lincoln’s Inn’s latest multiple-choice survey which gathered the responses of 200 people online.

When it came to event entertainment, there were clear indications that background entertainment, rather than focal point acts, were preferable, with 44% favouring a live band and 33% a string quartet compared to 15% opting for magicians and 9% choosing dance groups.

The respondents’ tastes in lighting reiterated the fundamental versatility needed in an events venue, with appropriate AV suppliers in tow, with an almost even split between fairy lights and lanterns; dramatic and colourful lighting; subtle candlelight, and natural, bright light for creating the perfect ambiance.

Similarly, the responses for preferred catering highlight the importance of a versatile catering partner, with 32% opting for cocktails and canapes as a favourite, followed by 25% liking the idea of a silver service three-course dinner.

Furthermore, 38% of voters say they are drawn to an historical venue and 36% are excited by a room with a fascinating focal feature, such as statement art, sculptures and architectural marvels.

The report comes as part of a wider campaign to celebrate the integration of traditional and contemporary at Lincoln’s Inn with the opening of its brand-new conference centre, almost 600 years after the initial construction of the venue.

Lincoln’s Inn is situated on a private 11-acre estate and is made up of Grade I and II listed event spaces as well as its new conference centre.

Molly Hookings
Author: Molly Hookings

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