Conference Buyer’s Guide: are you using tech to its fullest?


As you know, technology is a great way of easily and seamlessly enhancing almost every facet of your conference. From bolstering Q&A sessions, supporting check-in processes, and maximising audience engagement, technology integrates deeply in all aspects of live events.

Almost all conferences, require technology – sound, lighting, screens and the Internet – the list is endless. However, if all conferences are doing the same thing and using the same equipment, what makes yours stand out?

In our brand-new Conference Buyer’s Guide, we explore how to use tech more creatively in Q&A sessions, presentations and with live-streaming to enhance an event. 

Available for the next 12 months, our Conference Buyer’s Guide 2019 is free to download and features everything you need to know to organise and host your best conference.

To read the full article on using technology at events, see here.

Molly Hookings
Author: Molly Hookings

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