Chorus awarded Carbon Neutral Status


As part of its evolving sustainability commitment, creative agency Chorus was recently awarded Carbon Neutral Status for the second year running, following an independent appraisal by the Carbon Footprint Standard.

As a business, Chorus has also achieved Carbon Reduced Status, having secured a drop in emissions since 2021. Recommendations from the appraisal have also led to a review of Chorus’ sustainability and travel policies.

In 2021 the team balanced 2.9 tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent of almost 11,000 car miles. They partnered with event industry collective, Ecolibrium, which helped offset the agency’s emissions through tree planting, rainforest protection and ecosystem regeneration.

As members of Ecolibrium, Chorus proactively offers clients the option to balance emissions and implement carbon reduced or neutral targeted event delivery as standard.

“We are extremely proud to be independently certified as a carbon neutral business and continue to be licensed by the Carbon Footprint Standard. But for us it’s so much more than just a badge. Our sustainable commitment is embedded in our company values and we’re dedicated to demonstrating this in every project,” said Andrew Perrott, Managing Director, Chorus.

The team are also active members of the industry body, isla, working to best practice sustainable policies. Earlier in the year isla released TRACE; a carbon tracking tool for events and Chorus were one the first 100 agencies to adopt and implement this software. Currently, they have tracked 45 tonnes of Co2. The Chorus team also complete annual Sustainability In Events training with Isla.

Cassidy Knowles, Director of Events and Operations at Chorus is one of the driving forces behind Chorus’ sustainable approach. She and others in the team have shared insights as guests on numerous industry panels and events.

The agency is also a London Wildlife Trust member and every agency employee is given two days a year to work on the Trust’s green projects.

Rebecca Dixon
Author: Rebecca Dixon

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