China deploys AI & 5G tech to manage heightened travel ahead of annual Spring Festival


Hangzhou East Railway Station has introduced a 5G-assisted robot to help staff detect and report suspicious behaviour.

The robot uses AI and facial detection to analyse the facial expressions and body language of travellers. This data is then submitted to a database of “dangerous behaviours”. This issues a real-time warning to allow police and security to arrive at the scene quickly.

An estimated 440 million rail journeys will be made from 10th January to 18th February as people travel for the Spring Festival, also known as the Lunar New Year or the Chinese New Year. This peak travel period is known in China as “chunyun” and is the world’s largest annual mass movement of people.

The festivities last 15 days with folk shows, costume performances and temple fairs attracting huge crowds.

AI in events

Using AI in conjunction with events isn’t unprecedented. Organisers have used it to create more personal experiences for audiences, issue information and improve security. This may be in the form of using chatbots to answer attendees’ questions or sending matchmaking suggestions based on guests’ social media profiles.

Molly Hookings
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