Can temporary plastic flooring and event carpet really be sustainable and add to the circular economy?


EFS Europe’s temporary event flooring products, Hex Road and Temp-A-Path are widely used across the Events Industry, from roadways, marquee flooring, pedestrian walkways to football pitch protection. But, what are they made from and what happens to them at their end of life cycle? Jeremy Simpson, EFS Europe’s Managing Director explains:

“We are finding that there are increasing pressures to provide sustainable products to reduce the Event Industry’s carbon footprint. Both our walkway and roadway products can be made from recycled materials and can be recycled. They are manufactured in polypropylene, which means they can be ground down into pellets and repurposed. To further reduce carbon emissions, we also have 7500sqm of event flooring in Scotland to service events with a local crew to install.”

It is EFS Europe’s mission to be as environmentally friendly as possible and the company has worked with manufacturers globally to produce, supply & recycle their event carpet. Each year millions of square meters of carpet were being used and after the event concluded, the carpet was simply pulled up and sent to landfill.

“We knew this was not good enough and something had to be done urgently to make temporary carpet sustainable to the environment.

Our first steps were to find a product that could be recycled and at the time nothing existed. We contacted one of the world’s leading carpet manufacturers and after a discussion about our concerns and hopes for the future they agreed to help, this led to the birth of the Eco Collection; manufactured from virgin polypropylene this can be recycled and turned into polypropylene pellets.

Shortly after the product launch, EFS Europe’s Recycling Division was set up and we personally handled the recycling and redistribution of the polypropylene pellets.

With the ever-growing demand for our unique product and the recycling requirements created from that, we have recently partnered with a company who now oversee the whole recycling process. We collect the carpet at the end of any event across the country and ship it directly to our new recycling facilities.

We purchased a new recycling compactor, which means that now 50,000m2 of repurposed carpet can be transported via a single artic lorry to Dundee as opposed to 15,000m2 before compactor was procured.

We have worked incredibly hard over the years to introduce a recyclable carpet into the UK and we hold the sole rights to recycle all temporary carpet made of polypropylene in the UK.”

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Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

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