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Meera Somji and Andrew Carney launched Clusivity a year – pretty much to the day – before this podcast was recorded, January 2022. A ‘new easy to implement SaaS tool’, the company is a product of the founders’ background and their want to make a difference.

Clusivity mantra ‘take a data-driven approach to diversity, equity and inclusion’ is the essence of its new white paper – How diversity, equity and inclusion could radically transform the events industry – the subject of this episode. 

After a bit of background from both participants and establishing the reasons for the document, which is a follow-up on research undertaken two years ago, Meera Somji and Andrew Carney do the detail.

They highlight, for instance, how the white paper marries data with real-life stories and quotes from senior leaders in events world, what we miss out on if we don’t drive change, who defines progress, the benefits of benchmarks, comparisons with other industries. And how to increase the number of new joiners from minoritised ethnic groups and, crucially, retaining those already on staff through promotion and progression.

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Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

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