Creative communications agency DRPG appoints new global development director


Following DRPG’s global expansion, with offices open now in Germany, Ireland and the US, as well as various sites around the UK, the Worcestershire-based communications company has appointed a new global development director to address clients’ requirements for more internationally-focused communications.

Dagmar Mackett previously headed up the film and video department of DRPG, working across a huge range of clients and projects and building the firm relationships that form the historical backbone of the company. 

Joining DRPG in 2009 as board director, Dagmar’s focus built an award-winning film and animation team that provides effective and creatively compelling moving image solutions for a variety of clients in different industry sectors. 

Having studied journalism and languages, Dagmar has extensive international experience. Her career took off in Sweden as a producer/presenter for national broadcaster SVT. However, being serious about a career in media and production, London was calling.

Following time as producer for the BBC and CNBC, Dagmar eventually moved into corporate production, working for globally recognised production companies and managing prestigious accounts such as the European Space Agency, Daimler Benz and Nokia.

On her new role, Dagmar commented: “I am excited for this new challenge. By its very nature, almost all communication is global these days. At DRPG, we want to be where the communication is, helping clients globally make the right communications choices.

“I’m incredibly excited to be at the helm of this new chapter of DRPG’s soon to be 40-year history and use my longstanding international expertise and my language capabilities to open up new opportunities in other parts of the world.”

CEO, Dale Parmenter, said: “As a global company, it is important for us to be constantly breaking down international communications barriers and building relationships across the world. Dagmar’s unique, diverse skillset, her past global experience and her deep understanding of the industry is the perfect recipe to help us develop our global citizenship skills and reach new audiences in an effective, targeted way.”

Now on the brink of its 40th anniversary year, DRPG has expanded both its offerings and its client base internationally and, forging a path for truly global communications, Dagmar takes on this new role to help the company achieve and expand on its global presence goals.

Molly Hookings
Author: Molly Hookings

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