Your Guide to ‘Photo-Flooring’ your competition, in the battle for show-visitor attention.

Exhibition venues are busy and bustling – there are 100s of exhibitors in one room all trying to attract the attention of every potential client within a one-hundred metre radius.

In this visual cacophony, it can become easy for the company with the best product on offer to go unnoticed because of a bland stand. 

Of course this is precisely why many exhibitors opt to add eye-catching features to their exhibition stands. 


So instead of rocking up with a plain pop-up and some banners, the most successful exhibitors will have a professional exhibition stand that really stands out in a busy hall.

As modular exhibition stand designers, Quadrant2Design have pioneered a series of exhibiting innovations which help their clients do exactly that. Perhaps the most popular of these innovations is photo-flooring. 

A photo-floor extends your branding, images and colours into, the otherwise wasted, floor space of your exhibition site. 

By printing high-resolution seamless graphics on to high quality floor vinyl, Quadrant2Design can create and fit a stunning floor onto your stand, which has amazing visual impact

What are the Benefits of a Photo-Floor?

At the end of the day, you’re attending your exhibition to network, sell and draw-in leads – and you don’t want to spend any extra money on your stand if it won’t help you achieve this goal. A photo-floor has a number of benefits which will increase footfall on your stand:

  • You’ve paid for your space – why not use it? Exhibition venues are usually lined with boring flooring; either cold hard concrete, or worse, coarse carpet. Why include this crime against interior design in your exhibit when you could have chosen a beautiful photo-floor instead?

  • You can extend your graphics into this otherwise wasted floor space. Continue your graphics so they cover the entire stand space, or add graphics and content you weren’t able to include on your stand structure.
  • It’s unlikely your competitors will have this advantage. Quadrant2Design are the only exhibition stand designers in the UK who offer photo-flooring as a standard design option. Photo-flooring is therefore unique and engaging, pulling visitors towards your stand at even the busiest events of the year.

Designing your Photo-Floor

By speaking with one of Quadrant2Design’s expert Design Consultants, you can pinpoint exactly what you need from your stand. 

Your needs are valued, and the company will send you a free design proposal in the form of 3D stand renders. This gives you a chance to have a sneak peek at the design, and make any tweaks to the stand structure or photo-floor itself. 

Once you’ve approved the design of your photo-floor, Quadrant2Design’s in-house team of professional Graphic Designers will work to create a high-resolution, seamless effect floor which is bound to really floorthe competition. 

What are the Design Considerations?

Of course, there are many elements that need to be taken into consideration during the design of your photo-floor. Quadrant2Design’s specialist team of Design Consultants and Graphic Designers work closely with you to create a photo-floor that you love and which addresses the following considerations:

  • Branding – does the photo-floor convey the marketing message your company is spreading?

  • Aesthetics – is it pleasant to look at? 

  • Cohesion – does the photo-floor “look right” with the stand structure? Does it complete a brand environment within your stand space? Are the colours and images appropriate for your purpose?

  • Impact –Is it eye-catching and memorable? Will it attract potential clients to your stand?

Printing your Photo-Floor

As with all of Quadrant2Design’s services, photo-flooring is printed in-house in Poole. You don’t need to worry about any element of your exhibition stand being outsourced to and subsequently forgotten about by another company.

Using a state-of-the-art EFI Pro 16H LED printer, Quadrant2Design will produce your high-quality graphics onto a vinyl backing to create your floor.

Once your floor is printed, it will be trimmed to size using a large-format Zund cutter, which can cut even the most intricate of designs in a matter of seconds.

The combination of top-of-the-range equipment and a specially trained team means your photo-floor is in safe hands.

Installation of your Photo-Floor 

Included within Quadrant2Design’s service, your photo-floor will be fitted on-site by a professional installer. Having a wealth of experience and training, your installer will be able to fit your floor efficiently and with ease.  

Are there any Health and Safety Implications?

Your exhibition stand can expect a lot of people moving around it, so your photo-floor needs to be completely slip and trip free.

Quadrant2Design use an approved vinyl to create photo-flooring, and as photo-flooring is fitted by a professional, you don’t need to worry about any nasty accidents taking place on your exhibition stand. 

Quadrant2Design’s Photo-Flooring is available for both hire exhibition stands or purchase exhibition stands

So at your next show, you can have Boring Flooring or Photo-Flooring? I know what I’d choose!

Alan Jenkins | CEO | Quadrant2Design
tel: +44 (0)1202 723 500

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