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Some of the world’s biggest brands choose Ai-Media’s live captions to enhance their virtual and in-person events. No matter your event size, we can provide the best next-gen captioning technology to boost your event engagement and accessibility.

Given that over five percent of the world’s population has significant hearing loss, event organisers have long adopted live captions to provide accessibility to their events. And in the process, many have discovered unexpected benefits of captioning.

One of the biggest is that captions improve comprehension and information retention, not only for those watching in their non-native language, but for people with high literacy levels too. And with multilingual captions, event organizers can break down language barriers to reach previously untapped global audiences.

Ai-Media can help you add live captions to your events, easily and affordably. Unlike most captioning vendors, we offer all the hardware and software you need in one place, allowing you to save time and seamlessly live stream your events with captions.

Live event captioning made easy in the cloud

By combining Ai-Media’s market leading captioning encoders and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) solutions, you can easily add live captions to your events, meetings or conferences.

Our Falcon encoder and Lexi ASR solution provides a self-service cloud platform for adding captions to your RTMP streams that’s simple to set up, manage and scale. The beauty of this solution is that it doesn’t require any physical hardware. Everything you need is available in the cloud with just a few clicks.

As a low-touch cloud solution, Lexi uses machine learning to achieve greater accuracy than ‘out-of-the-box’ automated captions, while user-generated custom dictionaries enable Lexi to recognise topics, use distinctive vocabulary and observe context.

Easily caption conference room displays with iCap Viewer

Ai-Media’s iCap Viewer encoder delivers world-class caption connectivity designed for video conference displays, with easy setup and cost-efficiency in mind.

Unlike standard presentation platforms, iCap Viewer allows you to caption your content while keeping all presentation content fully visible. It scales input video down by 15 percent, while providing the option to place captions above or below the video aera. Font, size, text colour and more are 100% customizable. 

Caption high-definition displays with iCap Encode 4K

If your live event is going 4K, the large screens call for the iCap Encode 4K. A broadcast-grade solution optimized for in-room displays, iCap Encode 4K is native 12G — ready for 4K and HD-SDI.

iCap Encode 4K allows you to flexibly work with broadcast, live stream and in-room spaces while encoding in 4K or HD-SDI. It provides total control over caption appearance, allowing you to customize font, size, text colour and more.

Achieving higher levels of caption accuracy with Smart Lexi

If you’re looking for accuracy that approaches that of human captions, but at half the typical price, Ai-Media’s Smart Lexi is for you. The solution layers human curation onto our ASR engines to deliver 98.95% accuracy.

The key to Smart Lexi’s accuracy is its human-curated custom dictionaries that teach the ASR engines key names and phrases tailored to the subject matter of every captioning session. This process is facilitated by a team of experts who compile names, terms, phrases, spelling and pronunciations tailored to the needs of the session.

Expand your event audiences with multilingual captions

When multilingual captions are paired with automatic captioning, the result is a scalable live streaming workflow to reach worldwide audiences. Building on Lexi’s AI-driven capabilities is Ai-Media’s iCap Translate, which can translate your event content into dozens of languages.

For highly demanding and complex live stream video, Ai-Media’s Multilingual Services further supports captioning into dozens of languages. The service leverages the deep expertise of human captioners to deliver live translations and audio interpretations.  

Ai-Media: Your one-stop shop for live event captions

To ensure your event is as engaging and globally accessible as possible, you can’t afford to go without captions. Ai-Media’s end-to-end hardware and software solutions make event captioning easy – whatever your requirements, video format or output display. All our solutions offer proven reliability, security and interoperability.

Whether you need a solution for a large high-end event with multiple speakers, or you’re after a low-touch self-managed setup for smaller events, Ai-Media has a solution to meet your needs.

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Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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