Book your summer outings with the Events dApp!


The post-pandemic summer is finally here, it’s time to go back to enjoying life while keeping safe. Luckily for us, PhoenixDAO has launched its Events dApp that will streamline the event creation and management process and make the lives of event managers and attendees much simpler. 

PhoenixDAO is an innovative blockchain-powered marketplace that takes a three-pronged approach to promote crypto adoption and strengthen the existing industries. Currently offering three products, all powered by PHNX token:

  • Phoenix DAO
  • Staking dApp
  • Events dApp

These three products perform in harmony to create a genuinely disruptive ecosystem to establish new standards for DAOs, Staking dApps, and the event management industry. 

PhoenixDAO Events dApp

PhoenixDAO’s Events dApp is a decentralized Eventbrite style dApp that allows users to host events on the blockchain using the PHNX token. The dApp integrates PhoenixDAO’s marketplace to list and sell tickets to a large audience. It also utilized PhoenixDAO’s unique identity feature to ensure decentralization, trustworthiness and quick processing while hosting events.

Phoenix Identity is powered by the ERC-1484 protocol that creates and links digital identities across different DeFi based apps, dApps, and APIS eliminating counterfeiting, one of the biggest concerns in the event management sector. 

Events dApp also utilized Phoenix Authentication, a blockchain-based 2-factor authentication protocol to verify logins and approve transactions to avoid bulk purchasing and ticket holdings. The dApp operates on a Polygon side scaling solution to avoid Ethereum’s high gas fees and provide its users with a faster and cheaper way to host events. The dApp will eventually allow users to switch over to Ethereum to book tickets.

The PhoenixDAO events dApp is a perfect solution for small and medium-scale events as users can customize the number of tickets according to their preference. The best part about the dApp is that it eliminates the intermediaries in the purchasing process. 

Usually, in the offline world, these intermediaries hold a large number of tickets and sell them at higher prices at a later stage. As on Events dApp, the interested party can directly purchase the ticket from the event organizer; which eliminates the need for going to an intermediary. The Phoenix Authentication protocol also stops a single entity from buying a large number of tickets simultaneously. 

Here is a quick overview of the features offered by PhoenixDAO Events dApp:

  • Eliminate Counterfeit Tickets

All the tickets are registered on blockchain as an NFT to ensure no duplicate tickets are floating around the market. Events dApp operates using secure methods to ensure complete safety during the whole process.

  • Transparency

The event ticketing and management industries struggle with transparency, but Events dApp has a solution. As it operates on the blockchain, all the transactions are visible to the public, ensuring complete transparency.

  • Smart Contracts

Events dApp uses smart contracts to ensure no cheating during ticket issuing, payment processing and refunding. 

  • NFTs

NFTs are a great way to facilitate transactions as they are secure and decentralized. Users can gift tickets in the form of NFTs to family and friends. They can also become valuable collectibles down the line as well as proof-of-attendance in the future.

Hosting an event on Events dApp is a hassle-free process that is made more enjoyable because of the promise of complete security. It is a disruptive platform that is revolutionizing the billion-dollar event industry and giving the power back to event organizers and audiences. Check this link for a complete guide

The online event management and ticketing industry was valued at approximately $1,135 Billion two years ago and is expected to grow considerably, reaching the $1,552.9 mark by 2028. It is about time that platforms such as PhoenixDAO raise the bar and hold the vendors accountable for sub-par services.

The Events dApp is bringing a much-required revolution in the event ticketing and management industry, and the organizers and audience of the event can not be more thrilled about it. So get your party boots on and start hosting your exciting events on PhoenixDAO Events dApp.   

NB: Tickets can be purchased using only PHNX for now. Perhaps you have a proposal on which other currency should be added, you may get in touch with the team/community. Besides, it’s a DAO, and governance involves the voice of the people. Suggestions that improve the ecosystem are always welcome.


Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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