Aventri premiers easy-to-use mobile event check-in app


Event management software (EMS), Aventri, has unveiled Aventri Aloha, an exciting and easy-to-use iPad check-in app for small and medium-size events.

Check-in provides an important first impression at events. Yet the process can be fraught with hassle, including complicated setups, long lines, unreliable Wi-Fi and time-consuming badge stuffing. 

Aventri Aloha resolves these challenges, providing a simple yet powerful application fully integrated with leading printers and Aventri Registration. The solution enables planners to quickly set up and configure onsite printers without help from professionals. It operates online and offline. Planners and attendees can continue checking in and printing badges even when Wi-Fi is interrupted.

“With Aventri Aloha, we prioritised flexibility and ease-of-use in direct response to customer requests,” said Jim Sharpe, CEO, Aventri. “This powerful new application helps save planners time, while providing a better event experience and ROI to attendees – all in one check-in solution.” 


Notable features

Aventri Aloha drives event success with these features below:

  • Easy set-up – Planners transition seamlessly from pre-event registration to on-site check-in and badging. They can edit check-in records on demand and print attractive professional badges instantly. Aventri Aloha’s deep integrations enable planners to set up and configure printers in minutes without help from tech support.
  • Direct printing – The app connects directly to leading badge printers via Bluetooth, AirPrint and Wi-Fi. Printers are available to support different badge templates for corporate branding.
  • Speedy staff and self-service check-in – Powerful attendee search and barcode or QR scanning capabilities give efficiency an added boost. Planners can check in an attendee with one tap and then print out a badge in seconds. Additionally, the password-protected kiosk mode makes for easy attendee self-check-in by inputting personal information or scanning a QR code.
  • Uninterrupted check-in – Wi-Fi at events can be unreliable, causing long check-in lines. Aventri Aloha supports offline check-in and printing after the initial network setup and sync are complete. Check-in and badging work flawlessly even during temporary Wi-Fi interruptions. Edits made while the system is offline sync with registration automatically when devices go back online.
  • Instant reporting – Dashboard reports provide check-in counts and key attendee stats for real-time visibility into check-in performance to enhance results.

“Organisers have so many different things to take care of during events, so we make our onsite solutions easy to set up and use,” explained Shane Edmonds, Aventri’s chief technology officer. “Aventri Aloha provides a sleek, flexible check-in solution that works offline and integrates directly with printers and peripheral devices to deliver successful events with high attendee satisfaction.”

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