Tech Startup LINEAPP has big news to announce: after a creative period of rebranding and developing, the young team is ready to launch three new products, based on its patented technology – LINEAPP FLUX, CAST and TOUR.

LINEAPP – Realtime. Streaming. Technology.

LINEAPP technology is a revolutionary software, which solves long-term streaming problems and beside that, it is entirely developed in Austria. LINEAPP is able to transmit audio data in realtime and HiFi quality into local networks, without any internet or server connection. The already well-known product LINEAPP FLUX, formally known as LINEAPP Walkie-Talkie Intercom, won many prizes in the past for its innovative offline streaming solution and outstanding sound quality. Due to the new desktop version and the compatibility with mobile devices, FLUX is even more reliable and flexible and creates a new dimension of offline team communication.

Groundbreaking new products – CAST and TOUR

Based on LINEAPP awarded technology, two new products were developed and are finally ready to be launched. LINEAPP CAST turns any PC into a broadcast station. Listeners are able to receive the audio stream on their mobile devices over Wi-Fi using the free CAST app. Multiple streams from several sources are possible, even in different languages. LINEAPP TOUR is a mobile guide solution for tours of any kind. The solution works even outdoors, thanks to mobile Wi-Fi routers. Listeners receive the audio stream on their mobile devices using the free TOUR app. There is no need of renting equipment anymore. LINEAPP CAST and TOUR are perfect solutions for exhibitions, conferences, tours and events to reduce the level of noise and additional streaming equipment, to make the attendance even more pleasant.

from left to right: Markus Rall (Founder of:, Marc Middelmann (Corporate Development Westfalenhallen), Alexander Kraenkl (CEO LINEAPP), Andreas Scharf (CTO LINEAPP), Frederic Allerdisse (Best of Events) © Max Lewe

LINEAPP won the elevator pitch at ‘Best of Events 2017’ in Germany

from left to right:
Markus Rall (Founder of:, Marc Middelmann (Corporate Development Westfalenhallen), Alexander Kraenkl (CEO LINEAPP), Andreas Scharf (CTO LINEAPP), Frederic Allerdisse (Best of Events)
© Max Lewe

Innovation 100% made in Austria.

Newly developed CAST technology was crowned with immediate success: Hofburg Vienna was streaming multiple keynote talks during the UBIT congress by using the in-house Wi-Fi to all visitors of the event. Furthermore, Alexander, CEO of LINEAPP, won the elevator pitch at ‘Best of Events’ International event exhibition in Germany, where he introduced CAST for the first time in public. Additionally, Alexander just came home from attending Event Tech Lab’s pitching event at Huckletree London. The event was organised by James Morgan, founder of Event Tech Lab. Alexander about the event: ‘People were really interested in LINEAPP technology and our new products. We made it under the Top 5, out of 100. After brilliant feedback, we are so excited and ready to kick off.’


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