Aston Martin Red Bull Racing is poised to unveil one of the most exciting additions to the corporate venue market, as the team prepares to launch its new event space, MK-7, in June 2019. 

The venue, located within Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s Milton Keynes factory headquarters, will play host to a range of corporate events and offers organisers the chance to immerse their guests in the engineering prowess, winning innovation and glamour of Formula One.

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing is well-established in the field of hospitality, entertaining the world’s most discerning guests at all 21 races of the F1 calendar. The launch of its new space will mark the team’s increasing commitment to the meetings and events sector, providing clients with unprecedented access to the world of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. 

The launch is being spearheaded by the team’s head of corporate events and hospitality, Nick Kenton, who recently joined Aston Martin Red Bull Racing from the MCC at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

He said: “This is an extremely exciting time for our team and we’re looking forward to inviting the industry to share in our vision. We want clients to be able to experience the world of F1 and Aston Martin Red Bull Racing first-hand and be inspired by our unique setting, as well as the winning mindset and enthusiasm that runs throughout our business”.

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