Approaching its 20th birthday, Media Vision’s branding gets a new look and feel


After two decades of providing award-winning diplomacy technology solutions throughout Europe and the Americas, the Media Vision brand has undergone a top-to-toe rehaul. The rebrand coincides with a recent surge in growth on the company’s European market, and includes a new logo, color scheme, and website.    

Media Vision was founded in 2002 in the San Francisco Bay Area, but the company’s defining milestone came in 2006 when it began a long-term partnership with respected AV manufacturer, TAIDEN. As their exclusive distributor of voting, conferencing, and language interpretation solutions in North America and Europe, the Media Vision team has since won numerous awards for their installations, and includes some of the industry’s most recognized experts in conferencing.   

On the surface, modernity might summarize the rebrand, but as Media Vision explains, its new appearance has its roots in its nearly twenty years in the conferencing and collaboration industry—namely, the value that has underpinned every Media Vision project from the outset: a desire to amplify the voices of the world’s elected officials, educators, and thought leaders, as well as those interacting with them. This is best represented in the company’s revised vision statement: ‘To empower the cause of human development—one meeting at a time’.  

With thousands of design installations spanning fifty countries already under its belt—from the world’s biggest international organizations through to eight-person city boardrooms—you might say ‘mission accomplished’. But according to its founder, Fardad Zabetian, the Media Vision ethos remains as ambitious today as it was upon the company’s conception, and their work is far from over.   

“The twenty-year anniversary of Media Vision marks a period of both reflection and thinking about the future. When I started the company, I had big dreams of creating a global brand. After two decades, I’m proud to say that millions of people across the world are being empowered by our solutions every day—whether that’s citizens interacting more easily with policymakers, or students learning in more innovative ways from their professors. We may be a small team at Media Vision, but we’re a mighty one, united by this goal and ever unafraid of taking on big projects.” Fardad Zabetian, CEO and Founder of Media Vision.

So, what can we expect from the Media Vision of tomorrow? Well, as the soundwave in its new logo suggests, audio remains at the heart of the company’s commitments. Media Vision—in its conferencing and collaboration expertise—recognized the central importance of sound in creating a reliable, equal meeting environment for all participants from day one. And in the hybrid, post-pandemic landscape, the company’s mantra #AudioMatters has perhaps never rung truer.    

Moving forward, the focus will be on the solution categories in which Media Vision has historically excelled: congress systems, presentation systems, and meeting management solutions. Multimedia terminals and conference microphones will continue to dominate Media Vision’s primary product portfolio. There’s a good reason why—these already sophisticated solutions are constantly being updated to match the evolving needs and landscapes of the people using them. Most recently, this includes the creation of a specialized videoconferencing platform, for example, as well as additions and integrations to facilitate smoother hybrid meetings.  

Looking ahead, it won’t all be ‘business as usual’ for the Media Vision team, however: “Two decades on, we’re at a significant chapter in the Media Vision story. New initiatives, new verticals, and possibly even new markets are on the company’s radar”, says Annabelle Zabetian, President of Media Vision. “But as with every milestone, we’re also taking this opportunity to thank the people without whom we couldn’t have made it this far—our talented partners and clients worldwide. They remain key to our company’s future, and we will work closely with them as we write the blueprints for the Media Vision of tomorrow”.  

Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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