Announcing the International Exhibitor Representation Program


Diane Bjorklund, founder of Eventful Management Group and Stephanie Selesnick, President of International Trade Information, Inc. announce the release of the International Exhibitor Representation Program (IERP).

The IERP was developed as a win-win for both show organizers and international exhibitors unable to travel to physical show site and still want to successfully sell into a foreign market. It is available for physical exhibitions all over the world.

Utilizing their vast global network of friends and colleagues, IERP functions as a remote booth or pavilion (depending on the show) using in-country exhibition professionals filling in for exhibitor teams unable to travel to show site. Using professionals provides far superior booth set up and staffing than hiring models or students to try and sell exhibitors’ products, equipment or services.

Diane commented, “We want show organizers to look upon us a resource for both your sales team and exhibitors – and ultimately attendees who want to buy from all over the world.”


Stephanie added, “The IERP saves organizers’ revenue by having their international exhibitors’ booths staffed by more qualified representatives than typical temp staff. This program is designed to help exhibitors unable to travel in person to continue selling (or break into) targeted market(s). As we know, although people aren’t traveling, products and equipment are.”

For more information on how the IERP can help your trade shows, please contact: Diane Bjorklund:, Tel: +1.630.863.6501
Stephanie Selesnick:, Tel: +1.818.497.5000