An Outstanding New Experience: VALMEX® lodge deluxe FR


At this years‘ Showman’s Show, Low & Bonar will feature its new developed Mehler Texnologies product line VALMEX® lodge deluxe FR. This is a light weight composite material with a delicate embossing. This gives the material an elegant and modern look. By using the four sophisticated colours you obtain a high-value product, which is suitable especially for lodges, glamping and pergolas. VALMEX® lodge deluxe FR is flame retardant, antimicrobial finished, UV-resistant and available in a standard width of 250 cm.

Under Low & Bonar’s premium brand Mehler Texnologies, a large number of coated technical textiles are available to the market, serving a wide range of applications. This includes a comprehensive product range for permanent and temporary textile architecture. There is also a range of membranes designed to meet the specific needs of different tent types and shapes: sophisticated, high gloss lacquered fabrics for party and banquet tents, gazebos or large tents, robust qualities for industrial and storage tents.

Tent membranes of the VALMEX® tent range are available in translucent and opaque versions. Large tents are generally white, but coloured tents add interesting accents depending on the type of event. There are tent membranes in pastel or bright colours and in duo-opaque with strong colours on both sides. For tents that do not allow light from the outside, membranes were developed with black base fabric or coated black on the back. VALMEX® FR 700 stripes is available especially for marquees. The colour stripes are part of the coating. This makes them resistant to mechanical influences, fading or graying and the colour intensity is retained for a long time. The width of 261 cm is aligned with the use of standard side walls. 


Molly Hookings
Author: Molly Hookings

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