An insight into the workplace culture in 2022 with Big Smoke Events


Upheaval and adversity have transformed the way companies engage, motivate, and support their workforces in 2022. 

The re-evaluation of corporate priorities has also brought into sharp focus the benefits of developing a thriving and inclusive workplace culture through delivering well thought out, and supportive wellbeing engagement strategies. 

As this new hybrid work ethic has developed with flexible hours from home, office and on location, it feels like the future is here to stay.

At the Big Smoke Events Company, we aim to play an important role in that future. We wholeheartedly embrace the ‘team ethos’ and understand how to deliver innovative and inspiring events, helping to forge new and exciting workplace cultures and friendships across the corporate sector.  

Moreover, our approach is to work from the ground up with all the important stakeholders in developing fun, active, inclusive, and sustainable event experiences.

From our award-winning team building Scavenger Hunts and Bespoke quizzes to our unique Bingo and Ping Pong Challenge Shows, our portfolio of team event experiences are designed not only to tick off all the team-building boxes but to feature a ‘wow factor’, whether in-person (at a venue of choice) or to a virtual global audience! 

Here is a summary of two of our blockbuster events:

Scavenger hunt – This is the ultimate team building event. Race against the clock and your colleagues as you compete in small teams to complete 30 challenges. Solve clues, find items, take photos, and action videos. Finish the day with an awards screening of all the photos and videos from the event. 

The Bingo Challenge Show – The Bingo Challenge Show is a new and exciting themed bingo show, fully hosted and featuring specially selected tv, music and film clips from around the world. The aim of the game is to match up the key words on your bingo card to the corresponding words or objects shown in the clips. Its fun, active, inclusive and you’ll need to be all eyes and ears to reach a Bingo!

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

What clients have said about us:

‘Big Smoke Events ran a virtual scavenger hunt for our business. It was so well planned and ran so smoothly we were really impressed. The feedback from our team has been excellent and the way that it was tailored to our company was fantastic.’ — Andrew Clarke (McDonald’s) 

‘The Bingo Challenge Show was so much fun, easy to set up and easy to follow. Lots of interactive challenges and hilarious videos’  — Justin (CEO RCH Global) 

Rebecca Dixon
Author: Rebecca Dixon

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