Allseated shortlisted for the Event Technology Awards


Allseated is the world’s most innovative floorplanning platform, transforming event industry with powerful intuitive visualization tools that allow clients to see and experience events before they happen. With more than 100,000 to–scale floorplans, resources to manage guest lists, arrange seating, design layouts in 2D/3D, create virtual walkthroughs, timelines, designer tools, mobile check-in, and dedicated customer support available 24/7, we’re bringing technological innovation to event planning with a focus to help clients grow their businesses.

Allseated’s operational tools and remote selling capabilities allow event professionals to plan events virtually and work with clients remotely. With all floorplans designed to scale in 2D with the ability to view in 3D, event professionals love using Allseated OPS to design layouts. It is very easy to collaborate, customize, and  most importantly, ensure accuracy. With Allseated Vision, venues can sell remotely, giving clients the ability to visualize events within an event space from anywhere in the world. Allseated Vision enhances client experience and allows venues the opportunity to sell their event space and work with clients virtually, with virtual tours accessible across multiple platforms (mobile, desktop, and VR headset), eliminating the need for on-site meetings — which is more critical than ever before! As part of Allseated Vision, Allseated Connect is the first virtual meeting platform that brings the entire event team together for interactive onsite tours. It’s now possible to virtually meet within the event space to explore the layout (with access via tablet, laptop, desktop, or VR headset) eliminating the need for in-person site inspections and walkthroughs. And Allseated’s latest innovation, exVo, is the next generation of expos, meetings and events, tailor-made for today’s reality with both in-person and virtual attendance. The development team is constantly innovating and evolving in order to bring the industry and users what is needed to plan events and book new business.  

Contact Sandy Hammer co-founder and CMO of AllSeated

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