AI-powered matchmaking: The key to successful in-person events


How do you help TV executives from companies like Netflix, Disney+ and HBO Max win the ‘streaming wars’?  Simple. Use Grip’s new AI-powered events platform to match them with TV producers who have hot new shows to sell at the biggest event in TV, MIP Cancun.

The RX France team behind MIP Cancun 2021, brought together over 500 busy VIPs for the event. They used Grip’s AI matchmaking technology to ensure the right meetings happened at the right time, leading to positive business outcomes for all attendees. As a result, over 2,000 meetings were booked and the highest NPS ever was recorded for the event. [Click here to download the case study]

This is the award-winning experience that Grip brings to over half the world’s largest organisers including Clarion events, RX and Messe Frankfurt. Grip’s AI matchmaking technology has also been behind the success of major events like SXSW, Bett and Money20/20.

The company’s strength is its customer-focused approach, underpinned by AI technology. This means delivering value for the whole events ecosystem: event organisers, exhibitors, sponsors and visitors.

For exhibitors and sponsors, Grip delivers the leads they need to demonstrate ROI and ultimately rebook for the next show. Internal research shows the Grip platform delivers an average of 87 leads per exhibitor across in-person, hybrid and in-person events. Moreover, 10% of meetings lead to a ‘deal negotiation’ status. While sponsors get real-time heatmaps from the Grip dashboard showing them how many visitors were exposed to their messaging during the show as visitors walked past their branding.

Finally, visitors benefit from Grip too. Each visitor typically receives eight connections helping them meet and learn from each other through meaningful conversations.  They also get a better event experience thanks to AI-powered content recommendations based on their interactions in Grip’s mobile app. This is a huge benefit at large shows when there are often hundreds of speakers. Ultimately this leads to a better customer experience and reduced  first time visitor churn.

The world has changed and so has the events industry. But one thing is certain: the key driver of a successful event is bringing the right people together to have meaningful conversations.

Contact Grip today to learn how AI matchmaking can make your event a success.


Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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