Advertising feature: Chilled Events’ Mosaic Wall

Chilled Event Hire, an event technology, furniture and prop hire specialist firm that has worked with the likes of ITV, BBC, the Brit Awards and the Royal Airforce, got in touch with Event Industry News to showcase its Photo Mosaic Wall.

What is it?

The Photo Mosaic Wall, aimed to engage customers and attendees with brands, creates digital and physical mosaics from live-event photos in real-time. The size of the wall depends on the time allocated to collect the images: walls can comprise 625 two-inch square images to create a 50×50-inch wall, or 1,944 two-inch square images to create a nine- by six-foot wall.

How does it work?

Photographs posted to Instagram and Twitter using an event-specific hashtag are automatically downloaded to be used in the mosaic. On-site photo booths and the on-site photographer can also provide content for the wall. The photos are then put together to create one large image: a logo, a picture or a phrase. The “digital” wall is projected on a flat surface or displayed on a TV, whereas the “physical” wall uses printed photos as stickers and guests can interact with the wall by sticking their own photos to it. Images can also be archived and used at later events.

Tanya Brocklesby, director at Chilled Event Hire commented: “Its main function is as a brand activation/experiential tool. It’s a very visual but also interactive way of promoting/displaying the brand. It draws people and potential clients from the crowd in a very unique way.”

Each photo is analysed to determine where it would be best placed in the mosaic. Colour profiling, facial recognition, smart-cropping and custom user preferences are all instantly considered to find the ideal location for each image with minimum to no destructive manipulation.

Why use it?

The Photo Mosaic Wall is a fun and engaging method of allowing your guests to interact with your brand. It also encourages them to post images online, offering your event wider publicity and allowing your brand to reach new audiences. 

To learn more about what Chilled Events has to offer, visit their contact us page.

Molly Hookings
Author: Molly Hookings

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