A Ray of Hope for Event and Promo Staffing Agencies

The True Impact of Covid-19 on the Event and Promo Staffing Industry


In July Liveforce published their Covid-19 Impact Report for the event and promo staffing industry. Revealing the truth behind the impact of Covid-19 in their benchmark report, Liveforce gave a voice to the event and promo staffing industry. Following a survey sent to over 6,000 event professionals, the report measured the business impact of coronavirus, analysed recovery strategies and attempted to forecast the future for UK event and promo staffing agencies. The aim of the report was to benchmark the industry with a fact-based, emotion-free indication of how professionals in the industry are coping. Liveforce are now in the process of publishing a series of tracker reports that will follow the progress of the industry back to the “new normal”.

The events and promo industries have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic, but there is a ray of hope on the horizon.

“The way our industry has pulled together in the most testing of circumstances has personally moved me. From the “Light it in Red” campaign, to the support we’ve shown each other across social media in the last 5 months, all these efforts – no matter the size – has shown the world that we are not ready to roll over and call it quits. We are the problem solvers, the solution finders and we won’t give up.” Greg Lusk, Co-founder, Liveforce

August has seen a small return to activity within the events industry, including the “World’s first socially-distanced concert.” This kind of forward thinking goes to show just how resilient and innovative the industry is.

“Despite the lacklustre approach from the UK government, what is clear is that the event industry is taking matters into its own hands. Things are shifting and the tide is turning, perfect timing to refocus and regroup. Agencies are reporting a modest increase in enquiries compared to the previous month and agency staff are now gradually returning from furlough.

August Tracker Report

The August tracker report is available for download here https://bit.ly/31NPS3t

Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

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