A complete solution to all your event accommodation requirements


Jigsaw Conferences is your dedicated event accommodation specialists in London, Manchester, Birmingham or anywhere in UK and other parts of the world as well. We are specialists in group and event accommodation.

We are PCI DSS compliant unlike majority of our competitors meaning you can build your trust with us. Be careful who you share your credit card details with to avoid risks.

We provide a complete event accommodation solution by providing user friendly online portals for any event ranging from conventions, conferences to event planners as we do hotel reservations for the delegates.

Our comprehensive selection of hotels is tailored to reflect your budget. At Jigsaw Conferences, you are guaranteed to save your time and money through our highly discounted rates as we work round the clock to find a venue that is most suitable for you as an individual or a team. Our support team is available 24hrs waiting for your call or email. Share your requirements with us today and let’s do the rest for you for free.


Right at the comfort of your home or office, you can have your hotel reservation done. Tell us the date the event will take place and the venue. By using your event venue or the location/scene address, we provide you with a map displaying all the events accommodation available in the region. Full details concerning each hotel including their rates is provided. Once you identify the hotel of your choice, follow the simple steps provided and wait for your booking confirmation sooner than later. It is as simple as that!

To make the task far much easier for you if you are doing bookings for a group, we go an extra mile. We create for you a booking page that acts as a central connect site for all members in the team. Share with them the link we provide. The page acts as your central point of connection whereby all the members can start familiarising themselves with the hotel and place any queries they may have.

For last minute booking, never worry! There is always a place for you. With our highly established global hotel programme that incorporates thousands of hotels, we can easily do a quick search for you and do a reservation to a convenient hotel at no extra cost.

With decades of years specialising with event accommodation services, we have broadened our horizons beyond boundaries and we are well capable to handle any task given to us. We have built networks and gotten connections to both local and international partners and this enables us to open doors for you where you could have struggled going through on your own.

Give us an opportunity to serve you as you join thousands of our happy clients who have made us their regular event accommodation partners. All these for free! It is only at Jigsaw Conferences whereby you are guaranteed security, value added services at the most discounted prices you can never find anywhere else.

We have taken the hustle away from you. Save your time and money by simply getting in touch with us. Call us now. Our friendly support team is available 24hrs waiting for you. We get back to you as fast as we can and ensure you get the best event accommodation that you meets your requirements.

For more information please contact:
Ms Kashy Kaur
EMEA Accommodation Specialists 
01780 484820