88 per cent of event planners say they value face-to-face meetings more at the end of 2020, up from 77 per cent in May


Event planners increasingly expect hybrid events to be more common in future and fewer think that the popularity is temporary

88 per cent of planners see irreplaceable quality of face-to-face meetings.

etc.venues survey provides interesting insights into latest industry thinking

73 per cent of event planners now think hybrid events will continue to be more common in future, up from 67 per cent when asked in May, while those who think this is just a temporary trend have gone down accordingly by 6 per cent.


The irreplaceable quality of face-to-face meetings was revealed when 88 per cent of event planners say they value face-to-face meetings more at the end of 2020, up from 77 per cent in May.

These are two of the many interesting insights from a recent survey with responses from over 400 event planners in the UK and USA by etc.venues, the leading UK based provider of urban non-residential event venues. Several questions included in previous research in May were asked again.

Adam Simpson, Director of Marketing and Sales in the USA says: “To quantify how these trends have continued to develop since May when we thought the barriers to meeting face-to-face were only temporary is fascinating and very helpful. As we go into another period of lockdown it will be interesting to see if this appetite continues to grow.”

In the latest survey, when asked where they think virtual meetings and events will be broadcast from throughout 2021, 20 per cent expected they would be from a professional studio set-up, 35 per cent said from an office using video conferencing and the remaining 45 per cent said it would be via Zoom from home.

Adam Simpson commented “As a hybrid and virtual events are increasingly established alongside live events, event planners are keen to refine and enhance the quality of presentation and the virtual audiences’ experience. In light of this we are expanding our studio offering and investing in the development of our virtual venue tours to help remote attendees feel more integrated with the live audience.”

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