6 reasons Goomeo won the ” Best Event App ” award at the Event Technology Awards 2017

Goomeo won the

On November 9, 2017, Goomeo was honoured with the ‘Best Event App’ Award at the Event Technology Awards. The submission that won this award was based on their work at MAPIC, a Reed MIDEM trade show. Here are 6 reasons why Goomeo’s solution was rewarded.

  1. Goomeo has an easy-to-use mobile event app platform

Goomeo is an easy to use platform enabling event planners to create a unique branded mobile app for their event. It’s so intuitive that our clients like to play with it and observe real-time updates they make to their apps. This is where they control every aspect of their apps: design, content, user rights, push notifications, statistics…

  1. We offer branded event apps to event planners

Attendees will download a mobile app branded to the event from the app stores. Goomeo is not visible: it’s not our app, it’s the event’s! Event planners can upload their image background, choose a menu template, customise all icons, change colours and adapt layers transparency… Branding is essential to our clients and so it is to us!

  1. Attendees beneficiate from an amazing set of features and services

Our mobile apps deliver interactivity, networking opportunities and a unique attendee experience to help events be more successful:

  • Personalisation: Bookmarks & notes, Customised digests, Route planner
  • Networking: Messaging, Meeting platform, in-app lead-retrieval
  • Orientation: Interactive floor plans, Indoor geolocation services
  • Engagement: Activity feed, Live Q&A, polling & surveys, templated selfies
  1. One app for multiple attendee profiles

Goomeo is also unique because it deals with profile management like no other. All services and content available right from the menu adapt to the profile of the user. You can hide or lock features for profile A but make them available for profile B. Same for networking and meetings: for example, profile A can message profiles B and C while profile C can only message profile B. Combinations are countless to match the needs of your attendees and specificities of your event.

  1. The best interactive floor plans you’ve ever seen

Our clients are amazed with our interactive floorplans. They are incredibly designed, available in 3D and help attendees find their way thanks to the route planner and POI location.

  1. Goomeo integrates third party solutions to improve user experience

Goomeo is open to third party services integration. One of the many reasons why we won the ‘Best Event App’ award is that we presented the app we created for MAPIC (a Reed MIDEM trade show) in which we had a matchmaking solution provided by Grip consisting in swiping attendee profiles to connect with them. This is one example of services we can create working with other providers.

Best Event App Award Winner

Adam is the co-founder and editor of www.eventindustrynews.com Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.