5 quick wins for event organisers


After an amazing year with Glastonbury and Pub in the Park, (just 2 new clients for 2019), the teams at TicketSellers and Eventree have been concentrating on their unique offering. 

Supporting event organisers from On-sale to On-site, here are 5 quick wins every event organiser will benefit from:

1) Sell simply

Upload your event in minutes. Either customise your ticket page on TicketSellers or use our Ticket Widget to sell tickets directly from your site. Your customers will benefit from a lightning-fast checkout.

2) Sell more
Higher priced tickets? Split the cost with Instalment Plans or more flexible EasyPay tickets. Why not run an Ambassador Scheme to motivate referrals, or use QuickBuy links to drive revenues.

3) Cut down admin
Use online forms to gather requirements, data and payments from exhibitors and contractors. Manage trader documentation with automated reminders. Simplify volunteer recruitment and use deposits to ensure attendance. Artist and crew accreditation is a breeze with Eventree.

4) On-site services
We love fields! Our experienced team can install networking, troubleshoot hardware, train volunteers and manage fully operational Box Offices if required. We don’t charge you to use our robust, weatherproof scanners. 

5) Don’t pay a penny!
There is no charge to event organisers for any of our services, no fee to hire scanners, no cost to save time with Eventree. We charge a small booking fee on top of each ticket, paid for by customers.

Fancy a coffee? We’re on stand 84 at this year’s Showman’s Show where we can link you to a wristband. Scan your wristband at the Coffee Cart in the front foyer for a free drink. 

Molly Hookings
Author: Molly Hookings

Molly joined the editorial team in March 2019. She has several years’ experience working in broadcast and journalism, as well as marketing and PR. Past experience includes working for the BBC and independent publishing houses. If you have a story you think Molly might be interested in, please email: molly@eventindustrynews.com